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How To Take Screenshot On Ps4

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How To Copy Ps4 Screenshots To A Usb Flash Drive

How to take a PS4 Screenshot with a single tap (43)

If you want to bring your PS4 screenshots to other devices, you can first copy your screenshots to a USB storage device. The PS4 has the option to copy the content to a USB device, which you can use to get things done.

Just make sure your USB flash drive is formatted with the exFAT or FAT32 file system, then copy the screenshots to your drive by following these steps:

Step 1: Insert the USB drive into the PS4.

Step 2: Access your screenshots by going to Library> Capture Gallery> All on the console.

Step 3: Highlight the screenshot you want to copy, press the Options button on your controller, and select Copy to USB Storage Device.

Take Screenshots On Ps4

PS4 comes with a lot of useful features which makes it a suitable console for anyone who wishes to capture their achievements during gameplay. You can capture screenshots and instantly share with your friends on Social media or copy to a USB drive. Drop a comment if you face any problem while capturing screenshots or recording videos.


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Online Tools For Stardew Farm Screenshots

If youre looking for something even easier, then we have a great option for you!

All you will have to do is go to Upload.Farm and upload your Stardew Valley farm file to get the farm screenshot.

If youre planning towith multiplayer friends and other players, you really should try this solutions because it will only take a few seconds. Its very easy to use, so everyone can access the best screenshots.

Just keep in mind that you wont be able to see all features of the farm. For example, you wont be able to see trees, other characters, house upgrades. If that is alright with you, then go ahead!

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How To Customize The Share Button And Screenshot Settings

Take note that you can customize the Share button settings to capture screenshots in just one click. All you need to do is reprogram the functionally of the share button by heading to the Share menu with the following steps:.

  • Press the button on your controller to pull up the Share menu.
  • Next, press the Options button on your controller.
  • Choose Easy Screenshot.
  • Once completed, you can take a screenshot on your PS4 in just a single click on the Share button moving forward.

    Use The Share Menu To Take A Screenshot On The Ps4

    How to Take a Screenshot on PS4

    The Share menu is another way to take a screenshot on the PS4. Unlike a single press of a button, this method requires you to choose an option from a list to capture the screenshot.

    You can access this option as follows:

  • Access the screen that you want to take a screenshot of.
  • Press the button on your controller.
  • Select the option that says Save Screenshot.
  • Your PS4 will capture and save your screenshot.
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    How To Save A Screenshot To The Ps4

    This will save a screenshot to your PS4. You can view it on the PlayStation 4 or transfer it to a USB storage device.

  • Find the button on the PlayStation 4 controller, which is located to the left of the touchpad and above the left thumbstick.

    Press and hold it for one second. The PlayStation 4 will make a confirmation chime and display a camera icon on the left side of your display.

  • In the PlayStation 4s home screen menu, navigate to the Library, which is always located all the way to the right. Select and open it.

  • The Library is sorted alphabetically by default, so the Capture Gallery will be near the top of the list. Select and open it.

  • The most recent screenshot will be located at the top of the All folder. Open that folder, which is the first listed, to find your screenshot.

    If youre looking for an older screenshot, however, its best to navigate to the folder corresponding to the game in which you took the screenshot, as you’ll no longer have to wade through screenshots from every game.

    You can view a screenshot by selecting and opening it. Once its open, you can zoom in and out, or make basic edits.

  • The list of screenshots will now include checkboxes, with the screenshot you previously selected already checked. Select Ok.

  • Accessing Your Saved Ps4 Screenshots

    Your PS4 saves all your screenshots in a single app, and that makes it easier to view them all at once.

    You can open the screenshots gallery as follows on your console:

  • Go to the main screen on your PS4 and select Library.
  • Select Capture Gallery on the following screen.
  • Select Start and then choose All.
  • Youll see all the screenshots that youve ever captured on your PS4.
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    How Can I Filter Out Or Remove Achievement Screenshots

    PS4 takes a screenshot for every achievement I get. Because of that my Capture Gallery is cluttered with these useless screenshots .

    How can I see only screenshots that I took? Is it possible to filter our or drop all achievement screenshots?

    There’s sadly no way to only see screenshots that you’ve made manually. However, to stop the PS4 from taking this many screenshots:

  • Press the Share button
  • When the Share screen appears, push the options button to bring up a side menu down the right of the screen. Scroll down to ‘Share Settings’ and select it.

  • Enter the Share Settings menu

  • Enter the Screenshot Settings menu

  • Disable automatic Trophy screenshots

  • Once you’re in the Screenshot Settings menu, you should find an option labeled ‘Take Automatically When You Earn Trophy’. Disable that.

    How To Share A Screenshot Directly To Twitter

    How To Take A Screenshot On PS4

    The prior steps cover the quickest way to take a screenshot on PS4, but not the quickest way to share a screenshot or move a screenshot to another device.

    Posting a screenshot to Twitter, and then saving that screenshot to your computer or another device, is often quicker than using the USB storage transfer method described above.

  • Quickly tap the button on the PlayStation 4 controller. Dont hold it down. This will open the PlayStation 4s menu on the left-hand side of your display.

  • Select Screenshot, which is the second option from the top.

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    Creating A Stardew Valley Farm Screenshot Manually

    Hear us out. We know that this might be a lot of work for some players, but its still a great option. If for some reason the other solutions are not working, then you might want to do this.

    Yes, we are talking about stitching quarters of your Stardew Valley farm.

    What you will have to do is zoom out completely and take 4 images of the farm. Once that is done, you will have to use some design tools to stitch them together. Also, keep in mind that there might be some overlap in those Stardew Valley farm screenshots, so you might have to edit that out too.

    This is not the easiest way to achieve great results, but it can work! It really just depends on the quality of your screenshots since you might lack area in some places and overlap in others. However, if you do manage to get 4 great screenshots, then everything will be alright!

    Which of these solutions is the best for you? Players can make all of them work with some patience, so prepare for some amazing screenshots!

    Feel free to share how your farm looks right now with other players for some inspiration and ideas! We can always learn something from other and see how they used up the space in Stardew Valley!

    Seeing a nice Stardew Valley farm screenshot can also help you to learn more about the map itself! It takes quite a while to walk through all of it, so keep the screenshot close to you to see how you farm changes and what else you can do with it!

    How To Delete Screenshots On Your Ps4

    As you start capturing screenshots of your gameplay, youll likely find some dont work out. You might have pressed the capture button at the incorrect moment and find that the screenshot is blurry or it didnt capture the moment you wanted.

    If that is the case then youll likely want to delete these unwanted screenshots to free up some space on your consoles hard drive.

    To delete screenshots on your PS4:

  • Open up the Capture Gallery App.
  • Navigate to the folder containing the screenshot to be deleted.
  • Select the screenshot to be deleted and select the Delete button to wipe them from your console.
    • Capture Gallery App
    • Delete A Screenshot On Your PS4

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    Copy Ps4 Screenshots To A Usb Flash Drive

    If you want to bring your PS4 screenshots to other devices, you can do so by first copying your screenshots to a USB storage. The PS4 has an option to copy content to USB devices and thats what you can utilize to do your task.

    Just make sure your USB flash drive is formatted in either exFAT or FAT32 filesystem, and then follow these steps to copy your screenshots over to your drive.

  • Plug-in your USB drive to your PS4.
  • Access your screenshots by heading to Library > Capture Gallery > All on your console.
  • Highlight the screenshot you want to copy, press the Options button on your controller, and choose Copy to USB Storage Device.
  • How To Take A Full Stardew Valley Farm Screenshot

    How to take a screenshot on your PS4 in 3 different ways

    Have you ever tried to take a Stardew Valley farm screenshot, and its just not enough? Sometimes players just want to get a full screenshot of their farm to take a look at it in all of its glory!

    While it might be so easy to achieve without knowing a few tricks, dont worry! This Stardew Valley farm screenshot guide will tell you everything you need to know!

    Like with most things in Stardew, there are a few ways to achieve the wanted result.

    Below you will find the easiest ways to get a full screenshot in Stardew Valley. Here are our recommendations:

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    How To Access Your Saved Ps4 Screenshots

    Your PS4 saves all your screenshots in one app, making it easier to view them all at once. You can open the screenshot gallery on the console as follows:

    Step 1: Go to the PS4’s home screen and select Library.

    Step 2: Select Capture Gallery on the following screen.

    Step 3: Choose Start, and then choose All. You’ll see all the screenshots you’ve captured on PS4.

    You can view screenshots by selecting and opening it. Once open, you can zoom in and out, or make basic edits.


    Also, if you’re looking for older screenshots, you’d better look in the folder corresponding to the game you took the screenshot from.

    Capture Screenshots On Ps4 With Share Button

    You canât miss the button on the new controller for the latest PS4. Itâs sitting on the left-hand side of the touch pad . A short press on button will take you into the Shareâs interface. In order to capture a screen shot, youâll need to perform a long press. Alternatively, change your to Easy Screenshots where the press works in contrary of the defaulted settings.

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    How To Test The Easy Screenshots Mode

    You can customize your console for easy screenshots by changing the control type of the button:

    • Tap on the button to display the menu.
    • Tap on the Options button.
    • Go to > and select Easy Screenshots.
    • Tap the button to take a screenshot.
    • Long press the button to open the menu.
    • Double tap the button to record a video clip.

    How To Take A Screenshot On Your Ps4

    How to Take a Screenshot on PS4

    To take a screenshot on your PS4:

  • Turn on your console and open a game to a point where you want to take a screenshot. .

  • Next, press the on your PlayStation 4 controller.

  • This will open the Share Dialog Menu. From here, press the TriangleButton to save your screenshot. Your screenshot will be successfully saved to your library.

  • If you want to share your screenshot on social media, press the share button again.

  • Next, select Screenshot.

  • Once you have done this, you will be asked to select a social media network to share your screenshot on. Note: You will need to sign in to your Twitter/Facebook account if this is your first time sharing a screenshot.

  • Next, you will be brought to a screen where you can share a message with your screenshot. Fill in a message and then select the Upload button.

    Congratulations, youve now successfully taken and shared a screenshot on your PS4 to social media!

    Bonus Tip: You can take screenshots even quicker by turning on the Faster Screenshots feature. How-To Geek wrote a helpful step by step guide on how to do this which you can check out here: How To Take Faster Screenshots on the PlayStation 4

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    Brag About Your Gaming Skills With Ps4 Screenshots

    You can use your PS4 screenshots in many different ways. You can, of course, use them to brag about your skills, and then you can use them to show your friends something new youve found in a game.

    The PS4 offers many features including the ability to take screenshots, copy data to USB drives, and even host gaming parties with your gaming buddies.

    Take A Screenshot On The Ps4 With The Share Menu

    The Share menu is another tool you can use to take a screenshot on PS4. This method requires you to choose an option from a list. You may do as follows:

    Step 1. Go to the screen that you want to take a screenshot of.

    Step 2. Press the “SHARE” button on your controller.

    Step 3. Select the “Save Screenshot” option. And your PS4 will capture and save your screen as a picture.

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    How To Turn Off Auto Screenshots On Your Ps4

    One interesting feature of the PS4 is that it automatically captures a screenshot of the moment you receive a trophy in your game. This can be a useful feature to have as it captures the exact moment you receive a platinum trophy for example.

    However, these images dont always turn out great and in my experience can often just end up being blurry or even a blank screen, which isnt great. This isnt always the case, but it might just be a feature that you dont care about.

    With that in mind, its possible to turn this auto screenshot feature off so you dont have to worry about these bad screenshots building up and taking up valuable storage space on your console.

    To turn off auto screenshots on your PS4:

  • With your console turned on, press the on your PS4 controller.
  • This will bring up the share dialog menu, from here select
  • From the Share Settings menu, select the Screenshot Settings option.
  • From the Screenshot Settings menu, look for the option Take Automatically When You Earn Trophy. Make sure it is NOT SELECTED.
  • To turn this back on at any point, simply return to here and check the checkbox.
    • 1 Turn Off Auto Screenshots
    • 2 Turn Off Auto Screenshots
    • 3 Turn Off Auto Screenshots

    How To Transfer Ps4 Screenshots To Your Computer

    How To Easily Take A Screenshot On Your PS4

    If you enjoy taking screenshots while gaming on your PS4, heres how to transfer those screenshots to your computer using a USB flash drive.

    On the PS4, you can quickly take a screenshot by pressing the Share button your controller. You can then share it with other friends and post it on Facebook or Twitter, but the option to transfer your screenshot to a computer isnt readily apparent. However, it can still be done, albeit with a bit more effort.

    Granted, the built-in sharing features that the PS4 for has with screenshots is great and all, but sometimes you have a great screenshot that you want to share on Reddit or a gaming forum, which requires you to have that screenshot on your computer first.

    So how do you get screenshots onto your computer in the first place? Its actually really simple, but it isnt as quick as simply sharing a screenshot to Twitter right from the Share menu while youre playing a game.

    Before we start, youll need a USB flash drive on hand. From there, youre all set. Heres how to transfer PS4 screenshots to your computer quickly and easily.

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    How To Screenshot On Ps4

    Sharing a milestone in a game or reporting an error encountered has been made easy with Playstation 4 having the ability to take screenshots and videos. This feature is very convenient as you dont need to pause if you are in the middle of a game as you can take a screenshot on PS4 while playing.

    If you havent tried it yet but wanted to for a while, then this page is for you. The steps will be provided below which are quite easy to follow.

    Upload An Image Right After Taking A Screenshot

  • Press the button on your PS4 controller once you have selected the image you want to capture.
  • Select Upload Screenshot.
  • Choose the image you want to post.
  • Press the X button once the image has been selected.
  • Choose or . For your first time to share a screenshot, the username and password for your social media account that you have selected needs to be entered.
  • Once log in to your account, choose next. You can add captions on the screenshot before posting on these accounts.
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