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What Games Are Included In Playstation Now

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Playstation Now: Everything You Need To Know

PlayStation Now – New Games March 2022

PlayStation Now is yet another gaming subscription service, giving you access to over 800 games. Its a cost-effective option for those who dont want to spend money on games individually. While you may not always be able to play the newest games through a PS Now subscription, there are many great options.

So what exactly is PlayStation Now, and is it worth it? This article will go over everything you need to know about PS Now to make an educated decision.

Editors note: PS Now will soon be merged with PS Plus. If you already have a PS Now account, you will be migrated to the new service between 22-23 June, 2022, unless you cancel your membership before this date. The new PS Plus service offers three membership plans to choose from, and you will have access to all the same benefits as PS Now, including a selection of classic titles to stream and download and a library of games to choose from.

Do Ps Now Games Look And Play Exactly Like The Games We Can Play On The Ps4 Directly

Streamed video is in either 1080p or 720p rather than or 4K, depending on your region and what title you’re playing. That doesn’t matter so much for PS2 and PS3 titles that were originally created in lower resolutions but you may find a dip in detail and picture sharpness will be more noticeable for the PS4 line-up.

There are also reports of slight lag and latency issues when playing some of the faster, more demanding games. Latency is basically the time it takes between you pressing a button on the controller and seeing the results appear on screen. Because the controller response has to travel over the internet to a PlayStation Now server, be understood, then the video has to travel back over the internet to your console and TV, there is an unavoidable lag that wouldn’t occur if you were playing the same game locally.

However, great strides have been made in ensuring the latency is as low as possible and you would be hard-pressed to notice it on most games. The vast majority play just like they do on the console itself.

That includes the ability to play multiplayer on certain titles and PS Now games also reward gamers with Trophies like their disc-based counterparts. Save games are stored in the cloud too, so you can pick up from where you left off no matter what device you played on last.

Second Screen And Remote Play

Smartphones and tablets can interact with the PlayStation 4 as devices, and can also wake the console from sleep mode. A smartphone, tablet or the can be used for streaming gameplay from the console to handheld, allowing supported games to be played remotely from around a household or away from home. Sony has ambitions to make all PS4 games playable on PlayStation Vita. Developers can add Vita-specific controls for use via Remote Play. This feature was later expanded to enable PS4 Remote Play functionality on PCs and on Macs. The update, released in April 2016, allows for Remote Play functionality on computers running , , , and . Remote Play supports options of 360p, 540p, and 720p , options of 3060 FPS, and the DualShock 4 can be connected via .

The PlayStation App allows and mobile devices to interact with the PlayStation 4 from their device. The user can use this application to purchase PS4 games from the console and have them remotely downloaded, watch live streams of other gamers, and/or view in-game maps while playing games.

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What Games Are Coming To Playstation Plus Premium And Extra In August

Here Are The Best Games Available On PlayStation Now

Here is the confirmed list of PlayStation Plus Premium and Extra games coming in August:

  • Yakuza: Like a Dragon
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2
  • Little Nightmares
  • Yakuza 0
  • Yakuza Kiwami
  • Yakuza Kiwami 2

Beyond that, Sony has said new Extra / Premium games will be available in the middle of the month, so we expect more games to be added to the above list.

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Is Ps Now Worth It The Pros And Cons Of Playstation’s Game Streaming Service

PS Now is great for catching up on games from previous PlayStation generations. But is it worth your hard-earned cash?

PlayStation Now has been gathering more and more attention over the years, with Sony refining and improving its game streaming service.

But what benefits does PlayStation Now offer, and what is it missing? If you’ve had your eye on PS Now but haven’t made the leap yet, let’s inspect the game streaming platform.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade

Available With PS Plus Extra Yes

Included as part of , Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is a huge get for PS5 owners, particularly those who love action JRPGs. The 1997 original helped put the PS1 on the map, and while the remake takes quite a few creative liberties with both the story and gameplay, it still respectfully pays homage to FF7‘s legacy. Focusing on Midgar, the modern game chronicles Cloud Strife’s early days as part of AVALANCHE, showcasing the resistance group’s attempts to undermine Shinra’s authority.

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Over the last decade, Square Enix has firmly shifted towards real-time action over turn-based combat, and FF7 Remake serves as the strongest representative of this gameplay style. As a sequel, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, has been officially announced, this is the perfect time for newcomers to jump into the remake train, and PS Plus is the ideal platform to do so.

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How Much Does Playstation Now Cost

All games are available on a Netflix-style monthly subscription model.

First time users get a 7-day free trial period and it then costs £8.99 per month in the UK, $9.99 in the US.

You can also purchase a quarterly or yearly subscription up front, to get a discount. They are priced at £22.99 / $24.99 and £49.99 / $59.99 respectively.

Ps Now Offers Great Value For Money

PlayStation Now – New Games April 2022

Off the bat, what you’ll notice with PS Now is the sheer amount of games available with the service. For the price of a full RRP game per year , you’ve got access to literally hundreds of titles that you can play as much as you please. That’s incredible value.

These aren’t just filler titles, either. You’ll find some of the PS4’s best exclusives here, giving you hundreds of quality hours of gaming with unlimited access, no matter your subscription.

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Fear First Encounter Assault Recon

Available With PS Plus Extra No

There have been a lot of amazing shooters produced over the years but some of them are much more unique than others and manage to stand out among a heavily saturated crowd. F.E.A.R. is a much different experience than the norm, branding itself as a First-Person Shooter/Horror hybrid, the release was definitely ahead of its time both visually and mechanically.

It may look a little dated now but it’s still a blast to play. Slowing down time is an FPS gimmick that’s always amusing and there are some thrilling moments in the first game.

Why Be One Thing When You Can Be Anything

Discover your next great adventure with brand-new catalogs of hundreds of current and classic games, limited-time trials, online multiplayer, member-exclusive discounts and more, with a choice of three new membership options1.

Enjoy all the core PlayStation Plus benefits of online multiplayer, monthly games and more with the PlayStation Plus Essential plan. Take it up a level with a catalog of hundreds of downloadable PS4 and PS5 games as part of PlayStation Plus Extra. Or join PlayStation Plus Premium to add classic titles, time-limited game trials and cloud streaming into the mix.

Cloud Streaming requires minimum internet speed of 5mbps .

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Ps4 And Ps5 Game Catalog

PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium**/Deluxe Plans

Were focused on adding high quality titles into the PlayStation Plus service for players to enjoy. Im pleased to share a selection of the content that will be available for PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium/Deluxe plans. PlayStation.com will be updated with the game list when it launches in your region.

PlayStation Studios

  • Hollow Knight | Team Cherry, PS4
  • | Square Enix Co. LTD., PS4/PS5
  • Mortal Kombat 11 | WB Games, PS4/PS5
  • Narutoshippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 | Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., PS4
  • NBA 2K22 | 2K Games, PS4/PS5
  • Outer Wilds | Annapurna Interactive, PS4
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 | Rockstar Games, PS4
  • Resident Evil | Capcom Co., Ltd, PS4
  • Soulcalibur VI | Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., PS4
  • South Park: The Fractured but Whole*** | Ubisoft, PS4
  • The Artful Escape | Annapurna Interactive, PS4/PS5
  • The Crew 2*** | Ubisoft, PS4
  • Tom Clancys The Division*** | Ubisoft, PS4

Ghost Of Tsushima: Director’s Cut

PlayStation Now Games List: All PS2, PS3, PS4 Games

There’s one thing the PS4 and PS5 pride themselves on and that’s the technical aspect of their games. Some of the recently released titles that can be played on the latter are stunning. Every blade of grass glistens in the sun, and every ray hits the water perfectly, making it look like a dream of reality. Ghost of Tsushima is perhaps one of the best representations of what modern graphics and game designers can do.

It’s a dream to play and still has that technical fighting many know and love, only this time you get to play a Samurai. The whole game is beautiful and it often feels like a turning point in what video games could be.

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You Can Stream Ps Now On A Windows Pc

A significant feature of PlayStation Now is that it’s not limited to Sony’s consolesâyou can stream PS Now titles on your Windows PC. As many PlayStation games are exclusive to Sony’s consoles, this is the closest we have right now to a Sony PC experience.

This is a great way to play Sony games if you’re away from your console, offering a lot more flexibility as to when and where you want to play. A really neat addition by Sony.

When Was The New Playstation Plus Released

Sony revealed the new revamped PlayStation Plus service on 29 March 2022, but it wasnt due to be released until June 2022 in most countries. While Sony initially kept tight-lipped on when exactly wed see the new service launch, the company later confirmed that the new PlayStation Plus would launch first in Asia on 24 May 2022, followed by Japan on 2 June, the Americas on 13 June, and finally the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand on 23 June.

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What Changed On June 13 If I Prepaid Both Ps Plus And Ps Now Subscriptions

For those who are subscribed to both services and prepaid for them before the big change, Sony converted subscribers to PS Plus Premium with the expiration date being whichever of the two is the farthest out. This means that if you subscribed to PS Now until December 2022, but to PS Plus through December 2023, December 2023 will be the new expiration date for your PS Plus Premium subscription.

Buy Cheap Playstation Plus Subscriptions

PlayStation Now – New Games January 2022

Since the new PS Plus service launched in June 2022, we’ve seen a shift in how PS5 and PS4 owners can buy subscriptions at retail. The old 1-Month, 3-Month and 12-Month PS Plus gift cards have been scrapped in favour of rebranded PlayStation Wallet Top-Up cards that equate to the values of Sony’s revamped PS Plus tiers.

This means that buying discounted Wallet Top-Ups and using those funds to purchase a PS Plus subscription via your console is now the cheapest way to get in on the action. We’ve provided plenty of options for you below, starting with retailers who regularly offer discounts, and ending with some bigger names in the retail space who sometimes offer deals.

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The Playstation Plus Collection

Relive some of the greatest PS4 games or experience them for the first time with the PlayStation Plus Collection .

The selection of games includes a mix of PlayStation exclusives and third-party titles spanning a range of genres including blockbuster action games, first person shooters, open world adventures, massive RPGs, fighting games, and more.

You Could Value Games Less As There Are So Many To Play

PS Now has 700,000 users, still leads online game streaming

While it’s great that PS Now offers so many games, there is a case that this could make them feel a lot more expendable.

Knowing that you can stop and start any game you like without costing you an extra cent might make it easier for you to not see games through to the end, or result in you feeling overwhelmed by the number of games on offer. Games might feel more fickle and less of an experience in this case.

There’s something satisfying about paying for a game with your hard-earned cash, owning it, and completing it. There’s a tangible sense of value there that PS Now might feel devoid of.

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Many Games Are Fully Downloadable On Ps Now

We all know a big problem with streaming games is that it depends on your internet connection.

If your internet isn’t all that great, then you’re going to run into multiple issues when streaming games, such as lag, performance issues, graphical bugs, and so on.

Thankfully, a huge amount of PS Now’s titles are fully downloadable, meaning that, as long as you’re subscribed, you’re playing the game as if you’ve digitally purchased it.

This removes any problems that might arise from your internet connection, letting you enjoy your chosen game at its best.

New Playstation Plus: All There Is To Know About The Game Pass Equivalent

Sony has officially released its revamped PlayStation Plus subscription service, essentially combining the best parts of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now into one tidy package. Its split into three tiers Essential, Extra and Premium with each offering a slightly different experience. The question is, is it enough to compete with Microsofts popular Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription?

We outline all you need to know about the new redesigned PlayStation Plus service the Xbox Game Pass competitor right here, including pricing, confirmed games and what each new tier will provide.

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