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How To Take A Screenshot On Ps4

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How To Use Gpose

How To Take A Screenshot On PS4

Open the Character section of the main menu and select the Actions and Traits menu. You will find the Group Pose option in the Extras tab for activation. You can also enter Gpose by typing /groupposeor gposein the game chat.

Using Group Pose in Final Fantasy 14 is an effective way to make fun and silly photos on command with you or other party members. In the Social section of the main menu, you can play with the different emotes to be featured in the group photo. By manipulating the stop motion, you can capture unique photos with characters in the middle of performing emotes or any other interesting actions.

During this mode, you have the ability to freely move the camera, swap filters, pause motions, and play with the lighting. Final Fantasy 14 offers a deep look at photo editing with the ability to adjust the depth of field, brightness, focus, and even the ability to add stickers and frames. The game even allows you to adjust a characters facial features down to their eye or nose placement. Square Enix has transformed Final Fantasy 14 into one of the biggest successes in games, and while a photo mode certainly isnt the main cause of it, it does help knowing Final Fantasy 14 contains one of the most robust photosystems out there.

View The Captured Ps5 Screenshots

After clicking the screenshot in a PS5, the console will show the thumbnail of the image in the bottom bar of its layout. Click on the image and multiple options will be shown in order to share or delete the image.

If you click on the Go to media gallery option, you are easily taken into the gallery.

There is an alternate way to view the gallery. Initially, click on the PlayStation home button. You will be redirected to the home screen.

On the home screen, navigate to the Media section. Find the Media gallery app from the home menu. Opening the media gallery app will take you to the gallery where you can find all the screenshots that we have captured.

How To Customize Your Share Button Video Clip And Screenshot Settings

You can customize the Share button, video, and screenshot settings. To do so, first press the Share button in a game to access the Share menu. Press the Options button on your controller and select Share Settings.

The Share Button Control Type screen allows you to configure your Share button for more quickly capturing screenshots. You can make the PlayStation 4 save a screenshot when you press the Share button normally and only show the Share menu screen when you long-press the button.

In the Video Clip Setting screen, you can adjust the length of the video clip your PlayStation saves to be shorter than the default 15 minutesbut not longer. You could include audio from your microphone in your gameplay clips.

Visit the Screenshot Settings screen to change screenshot settings. Your PlayStation 4 saves screenshots in the JPEG file format by default, but you could select PNG instead. By default, your PS4 saves a screenshot when you earn a trophy in a game, but you can also disable this from here.

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How To Screenshot On Your Ps4

First, locate the share button on the Dualshock 4 controller. It is located just above and to the right of the keypad on the left side of the controller and is clearly labeled “SHARE.”

The easiest way to take a screenshot is to simple hold down the share button for one second.

For an even faster snap, tap the share button, which pulls up the share menu, and then quickly tap the circle button on the right-hand side of the controller.

Taking A Screenshot On Playstation

How to Take a Screenshot on PS4

Its very easy to take screenshots while playing Final Fantasy 14 on PlayStation. If youve taken screenshots in any other Sony game, its the same method. On PlayStation 4, click the button to snap the picture. If youre playing on the PlayStation 5, the Share button is now the Create button. Pressing the left shoulder button and the touchpad will remove the UI from the screen.

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Similar to other PlayStation games, the photos will save in your storage files in a designated Final Fantasy 14 folder. There, you can easily post the photo through connected social media accounts with your console or transfer them to USB flash drives.

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How To Take Faster Screenshots On The Playstation 4

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When youre caught up in your favorite gameyou know, the one that you can play over and over again, and still love every second of itand something amazing happens, you want to capture it as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the PlayStation 4s default screenshot setting is slow. Heres how to fix it.

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The default action for taking a screenshot on the PS4 is to long-press the Share button on the controllersince a regular tap will just open the share menu. Theres a setting called Easy Screenshots that flips these roles, making a quick tap grab a screenshot and reserving the share menu for a long-press action. It really just makes more sense this way.

To enable Easy Screenshots, head into your PS4s Settings menu. Scroll over to the luggage-looking icon, then click on it.

From here, scroll down to Sharing and Broadcasts, and enter this menu.

Alternatively, you can also press the Share button to open the Share dialog, then scroll down to Sharing and Broadcast Settings. Either way youll end up in the same place.

Highlight Easy Screenshots and tap X.

Viewing Your Saved Screenshots

Select from the content area.Press the OPTIONS button to sort saved screenshots by name or date, and delete screenshots. You can also copy saved screenshots to a USB storage device.

  • FAT and exFAT formatted USB storage devices are supported.
  • Be sure to fully insert the USB storage device into the USB port. Some devices are not compatible due to shape or design.
  • You can use screenshots to customise the background of your home screen and function screen. Highlight a screenshot, press the OPTIONS button, and then select .

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Link Your Ps4 Account To Your Social Media

You can directly share your achievements on social media by linking your PS4 account with your social media accounts. You can connect your Facebook, Twitch, Twitter and YouTube to share gameplay and screenshots.

To link your social networks, go to Sharing & Streaming Settings and select Link to Other Services. Select any of the icons to start customization.

PS4 will prompt you to enter your credentials to authorize PS4 publishing permissions. Enter the details and click the Authorize Application button.

Your social network is now linked to your PS4 account and you can post directly from the capture gallery. If you would like to unlink your account in the future, you can do so on the same settings page we used for the link.

How To Take A Screenshot On Ps4

How to take a PS4 Screenshot with a single tap (43)

Finally beat that insanely punishing Bloodborne boss or got that clutch first place finish in Warzone and want to brag to your friends? Or maybe youre just a beleaguered gaming writer on a deadline in need of image assets. Whatever the reason you might need to take a screenshot of your games on PlayStation 4, youre in luck, because capturing and sharing your play is integral to modern gaming, with easy functionality built right into the PS4 out of the box. Heres our quick guide on how to take a screenshot on PS4.

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Exporting To A Usb Device

If you only need the original image files as JPGs, you can use a USB storage tool and directly save and export them. We do want to point out that the PS4 will support only exFAT and FAT32 formatted devices. With your USB device still plugged in, head over to the Capture Gallery from the Home menu. Locate the specific files you want to share and push the Options key. From here, youll see a menu pop up on the right side of the page that will have an option reading Copy to USB Storage Device. Highlight this with your cursor and hit X, which will allow you to pick as many screenshots as you want to export in bulk to your plugged-in device. The export method is fast and straightforward, and your content will be sorted in the drive in the folders PS4 > Share > Screenshots. After this, theyll be organized once more by games.

Editors’ Recommendations

How To Change Your Playstation 4 Screenshot Quality Jpeg Or Png

Default PS4 setting to save screenshot is JPEG image.If you wish to get richer images than this, you can try changing the format in which your PS4 saves screenshots.Switching from JPEGs to PNGs How to do it?Step-by-Step guide 1) Main menu > > select Settings.2) Settings > > select Sharing and Broadcasts3) Sharing and Broadcasts > > Screenshot Settings.4) Select Image Format > > Change from JPEG to PNG.5) Now all your screenshots on PS$ will be saved in PNG image format.NOTE: PNG images will take-up a bit more space than JPEGs did but you will get better quality of the screenshot images.

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Use The Share Menu To Take A Screenshot On The Ps4

The Share menu is another way to take a screenshot on the PS4. Unlike a single press of a button, this method requires you to choose an option from a list to capture the screenshot.

You can access this option as follows:

  • Access the screen that you want to take a screenshot of.
  • Press the button on your controller.
  • Select the option that says Save Screenshot.
  • Your PS4 will capture and save your screenshot.
  • Take A Screenshot On Ps4 Using The Share Menu

    PlayStation 4 UI walkthroughs, screenshots

    The Share menu is another way to take screenshots on PS4. Unlike a single button press, this method requires you to select an option from a list to capture a screenshot. To do so, here is the guide.

    Step 1: Visit the screen where you want to take a screenshot.

    Step 2: Press the button on the controller.

    Step 3: Select the Save Screenshot option.

    Step 4: Your PS4 will capture and save your screenshot.

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    View The Captured Screenshot On Playstation 4

    The screenshots on the PS4 you captured are saved right within the console. You can navigate through the menus and view all your gameplay moments and screen captures from there.

    After capturing the screenshot, press the PlayStation home button and go to the home screen.

    Now navigate to the library section. In the library section, go to applications and go to the capture gallery.

    Press X, go to Start and select All. Now you can view all the screenshots that you have captured on the PS4. There are various options like share, edit, delete, etc.

    You can easily capture and view your screenshots on your PS4 and PS5 using these methods. Capturing your great gaming moments and sharing them with your friends has become much easier. Sony has made it very simple to capture screenshots on PS4 and PS5 using the share button. Utilize this feature to capture your awesome gaming moments and share them with your friends.

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    Upload An Image Right After Taking A Screenshot

  • Press the button on your PS4 controller once you have selected the image you want to capture.
  • Select Upload Screenshot.
  • Choose the image you want to post.
  • Press the X button once the image has been selected.
  • Choose or . For your first time to share a screenshot, the username and password for your social media account that you have selected needs to be entered.
  • Once log in to your account, choose next. You can add captions on the screenshot before posting on these accounts.
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    Accessing Your Saved Ps4 Screenshots

    Your PS4 saves all your screenshots in a single app, and that makes it easier to view them all at once.

    You can open the screenshots gallery as follows on your console:

  • Go to the main screen on your PS4 and select Library.
  • Select Capture Gallery on the following screen.
  • Select Start and then choose All.
  • Youll see all the screenshots that youve ever captured on your PS4.
  • How To Take Screenshots On Ps4

    How to Take a Screenshot on PS4

    Sonys PlayStation 4 is a huge step up from the last generation, it has a completely redesigned controller, upgraded hardware and a few under the hood improvements to make the gaming experience a lot better. I really like that theyve included an option to take a screenshot and even record your gameplay without the need for additional hardware and workarounds. Although the option to record gameplay and capture screen is intuitive, you still need to configure it to your liking. Lets see how to take screenshots on PS4.

    PS4 does not allow you to take screenshots in certain situations such as some game opening screens or cut-scenes that may be considered as spoilers by developers.

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    How To Take Screenshots & Record Gameplay Videos

    I can’t stress to you how easy it is now. This was really a smart move on Sony’s part. To capture screenshots and videos, you simply press the new button on the new Sony DualShock 4 controller.

    When you hit the button, a menu will pop up on your screen where you can choose to either take a screenshot, upload a video, or stream your gameplay directly to Twitch or Ustream.

    Image via

    By default, the PS4 will automatically save the last 15 minutes of your gameplay, so you never have to worry about starting a recording. Just play and hit and you’ll get a screenshots or the last 15 minutes of your gameplay. So, if do something awesome on accident, your PS4 will have you covered if it occurred within the last 15 minutes.

    You can also choose to start live broadcasting at any point, as well. Check out Kotaku’s video below for a walkthrough of everything.

    Link Your Ps4 Account With Your Social Media

    You can directly share your achievements on Social Media by linking your PS4 account with your Social Media accounts. You can connect your Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube to share gameplay and screenshots.

    To link your Social Media, go to Share and Broadcasts Settings and select Link with other Services. Select any one of the icons to begin setup.

    PS4 would prompt you to enter your credentials to authorize posting permissions for the PS4. Enter the details and click Authorize App button.

    Now, your Social Media is linked to the PS4 account and you can post directly from the Capture Gallery. If you wish to de-link your account in the future, you can do that in the same Settings page which we used to link.

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    How To Store Ps4 Image Screenshots Or Videos To An External Usb Device

    Lastly you dont want your device to be full of images and videos apart from the main games, the storage is costly though.So you can simply attach a USB storage device which is formatted to exFAT and FAT32 to export the native image files as JPGs.How to do it?1) Plug in USB device2) Navigate to the Capture Gallery from the home menu.3) Locate the image/video content you want to share and press the Options button4) You will get a menu on the right side of the screen, locate Copy to USB Storage Device Option. Highlight it and press X.Note : You can select as many screenshots as you would like to export in bulk to the device you have plugged in. 5) All your exported content will be automatically transferred to USB device under the folders PS4> SHARE> Screenshots, and then again sorted by games.The export process is really easy and quick.

    Change The Ps4 Screenshot File Format

    PlayStation 4 UI walkthroughs, screenshots

    Heres how you go about doing that:

  • Open the Settings menu on your PS4.
  • Head to Sharing and Broadcasts > Screenshot Settings.
  • Select Image Format and choose the new default format for your screenshots.
  • This doesnt convert your existing screenshots your future screenshots will use the newly specified format.

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    How To Take Screenshots And Record Videos On A Playstation 4

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    Your PlayStation 4 is constantly recording your gameplay in the background, just in case you want to save or share a clip. You can also quickly create screenshots with a single button-press.

    Once youve captured video clips or screenshots, you can upload them immediately or copy them from your PS4s internal storage to a USB drive. Take that USB drive to a computer and you can do anything you want with the files.

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