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What Is Haptic Feedback Ps5

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How To Turn Off Ps5 Adaptive Triggers And Haptic Feedback

PS5 Games – Haptic Feedback

ByAdam Vjesticalast updated 14 January 22

Weve waxed lyrical about the PS5 DualSense adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, and have been particularly impressed by how the technology inside the PS5 controller can have a transformative effect when gaming. But did you know you can also turn the features off?

You might be wondering why youd ever want to, but the added resistance the adaptive triggers can provide might prove challenging to those with accessibility concerns, or you might just find them distracting when playing certain games. The various features might also be too much for younger players to initially comprehend. Having the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback enabled also drains the battery of the DualSense controller more quickly.

If you fall into either of these camps, then, or simply want to get more hours of play out of your controller, heres how to turn off PS5 adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

Ps5 Games That Support Dualsense Haptic Feedback And Adaptive Triggers


As this list grows and the generation goes on, we’ll be sure to expand the table with further details and confirmed games. While titles from PlayStation Studios are basically sure to use these features, third-party support may be more sparse as time goes on.

These are just some of the more advanced features possible on the PS5. The newer hardware also allows some PS5 games to support different kinds of ray-tracing. Meanwhile, a few other PS5 games even support 120 FPS. All these different features combine to help set the PS5 apart from last-generation console gaming, as none of these things are possible on the PS4.

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Sony isn’t resting and just stopping there, either. With new updates, the company is introducing a list of PS5 games with VRR support, further improving the framerate in multiple titles. VRR means that a game doesn’t have to be locked to a particular screen framerate in order to properly refresh, providing a smoother experience.

Technically, most games support VRR unless otherwise noted, but the detailed list of games will specifically take advantage of the feature in order to improve the gameplay as much as possible.

Haptic Feedback On Ps5 Controller

Haptic feedback is, in essence, the way the controller feels while you are playing a game. Functioning like a super HD Rumble, the console is able to deliver specific vibrations to replicate collisions or the feeling of certain elements hitting your character. This is best seen in the free PS5 game Astro’s Playground, which we’d recommend you play if you haven’t already.

Alongside this, another feature of the DualSense is that the gamepad can change the way the trigger buttons feel, depending on the in-game situation. This is called adaptive trigger support. So, for example, a sports game may increase the resistance in the sprint trigger as your players become fatigued. Or when a gun jams, the trigger might be blocked. While still very early in the life cycle of this console, it undoubtedly has the potential to transform the way playing a game feels.

As exciting as this is, the big question for this article is whether this sort of haptic feedback works with a PC.

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What Is Haptic Feedback On Ps5s Dualshock Controllers

The changes to the PS5 DualShock controller is meant to make gameplay more lifelike and realistic.

With the current PS4, the controllers rumble when you are hit. An example is when playing Madden 2K20, a player who is tackled will feel his controller rumble in his hands. In a horror survival game like The Last of Us, when a creature attacks a player, the controller will rumble.

However, the haptic feedback on the PS5 DualShock controller is much more in-depth than that.

From the games demoed by Wired, they tested the new controller in a variety of situations and it reacted differently each time.

When a player was walking in sand, the controller reacted in a slow and soggy manner.

When the player was on the ice, the controller offered a high-frequency response and the thumbsticks were harder to control. When the player had a character jump into the water, there was resistance with the thumbsticks and when they were on a bridge, the controller was bouncy.

This was also in effect on the racecar game Gran Turismo Sport. The controllers felt different if a car was driving on the border between the track and the dirt.

It may take a bit to get used to, but it will make all games feel more realistic and immersive.

The adaptive triggers are more self-explanatory. The new PS5 DualShock controller will make shooting different weapons feel different in the hands of the gamer.

The PlayStation 5 goes on sale in the holiday season of 2020.

Haptic Feedback: What Is The Feature On Ps5 Dualshock Controller

PS5 DualSense Controller Generates Haptic Feedback From In

The PlayStation 5 is coming in the holiday season of 2020 and Sony released a bunch of news today concerning the new console, including the addition of haptic feedback on the PS5 DualShock controller.

Wired reports that the new PS5 includes a 4K Blu-ray player with discs that hold up to 100GB. You also have the choice of which parts of the game to load onto your system to save space.

There was also news about the new PS5 DualShock controllers, including adaptive triggers and haptic feedback that is considered more lifelike than the current rumble mechanisms.

PlayStation 5 controller details, heres what it includes:

Weighs more than DUALSHOCK 4 Adaptive Trigger

PS5 News PlayStation 5

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Does Ps5 Dualsense Controller Haptic Feedback Work On Pc

Can you enjoy the full haptic experience of the DualSense controller on PC?

The PS5 DualSense controller is rightly lauded as one of the very best controllers Sony has produced. Incredibly comfortable, with great attention to detail, it really felt like a leap forward, compared to the more iterative updates of previous generations. Much of this praise came from its introduction of haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers.

So if you’re choosing a gamepad for your PC, you could do much worse than the DualSense controller. There’s even a black DualSense launching in June 2021, for those who don’t like the white version. If you already own this controller, then it’s nice to get more use out of it as well.

We’ll be looking at whether the DualSense controller offers haptic feedback when connected to your PC, or if that is a feature you can’t enjoy just yet. We already know it connects to the PS4, but how about a PC? Well, let’s get ready to rumble. Or not.

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Ps5 Dualsense Controller Haptic Feedback Reacts To In

Sony reveals another feature of the highly anticipated PS5 DualSense controller, which will be able to generate vibrations from in-game sounds.

The anticipated haptic feedback feature for the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller has just become even more intriguing, as it was revealed that the technology will allow developers to base vibrations on in-game sound effects. The reveal ramps up the excitement over the devices already impressive set of features.

The PS5 DualSense controller is definitely going to be packed with innovations and improvements, the most enticing of which are adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. The gamepads triggers will introduce adjustable resistance while the enhanced vibration engines are expected to generate the sensation of touch. On a less dramatic but still important note, the DualSense will also receive an improved battery with prolonged life.

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The PS5 DualSense controller has a chance to become the most revolutionary peripheral device in the history of Sony gaming consoles. Not only it is equipped with a handful of exciting technologies, but it also marks the new generation’s big changes with its very design. DualSenses exterior is the most notable departure from the classic design of PlayStation controllers, indicating that players should prepare for a new era of gaming.

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How To Turn Off The Dualsense Haptic Feedback On Ps5

  • From the home screen on the PS5 UI, use the DualSense controllers analogue sticks to move the cursor up to the settings option.
  • Hit X and then scroll down to the Accessories option and hit X again.
  • Scroll down to the Controllers option and in the next list, you can find the second option, which will allow you to turn off the DualSense Haptic Feedback.

This is one of a number of different settings you can change on the PS5. If you want to keep track of all our guides and info about the PS5 UI be sure to check out our hub filled with PS5 info here.

The PS5 is available now.

Ps5 Dualsense Controller Design Features Haptic Feedback Adaptive Triggers And More Explained

Haptic Feedback | PS5

The PS5 or, to use its full title, the PlayStation 5 will be arriving around Christmas 2020 and with it comes a new PS5 controller.

Breaking tradition, the PS5 controller is called the DualSense and, when compared to past Playstation controllers, has quite a unique look.

Like the PS5 specs, PS5 SSD storage, PS5 console design, upcoming PS5 games and the backwards compatibility of the PS5, on this page you’ll find everything we know about the upcoming PS5 controller – the DualSense.

On this page:

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How To Change Haptic Feedback Intensity On The Ps5

ByNicholas Downielast updated 9 March 21

One of the coolest aspects of the PS5 is the DualSense controller that is the consoles standard peripheral. The DualSense is packed with a wide variety of unique features that were not available on the DualShock 4, like haptic feedback, adaptive trigger, the Create button, and much more. You can also change a lot of these features to suit your preferences better. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to change the vibration strength and intensity of the haptic feedback on the DualSense via the PS5.

How To Alter The Intensity Of Haptic Feedback On The Ps5

· Updated 02/07/2021

The DualSense controller, which is the PS5s basic attachment, has been one of the devices finest features. The DualSense includes a lot of diverse capabilities not seen on the DualShock 4, including adaptive trigger, haptic feedback, the Create key, and much more. Many of these characteristics could also be changed to best suit your needs. This is how to modify the haptic feedback vibration intensity and strength on the DualSense using the PS5.

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What’s Still On The Horizon

You don’t even have the DualSense Wireless Controller in your hands yet, but we’re going to muse a bit about what could be in the PS6’s controllersbecause why not? With the addition of advanced haptic feedback, smart triggers, and immersive sound, it’s clear that Sony is focused on making the gaming experience as personalized and enveloping as possible.

That’s why a new idea from Sony earlier this year caught our attention. In February, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Sony a patent that may give us a clue about what to expect from a future controller.

It’s for “A Sensing Apparatus and Method,” a.k.a. biofeedback in controllers. Just imagine the controller picking up on your fast heartbeat and sweaty palms during a showdown in a first-person shooter game and having more enemies pop up to fight you as you’re hitting critical nail-biting status. It feels a bit like the “Playtest” episode of Black Mirror, but hopefully in a less sinister way.

In the patent, Sony says “it is advantageous to provide peripherals” to create an even more connected gaming environment. In other words, tactile responses will only augment the existing immersive gaming landscape. This really does align with the vision we’ve seen for PS5, so it’s not completely insane to consider this bleeding-edge technology could be on the way in a few years.

Sony May Change Its Ps5 Haptic Feedback System

PS5  DualSenses Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers Can be Reduced ...

Even new gamers know that one of the hottest gaming consoles on the market is the PS5. While it can be hard for a gamer to get their hands on a PS5, the ones that manage to bag one have noticed issues with Sonys DualSense controllers.

The DualSense controller was one of Sonys main selling points for the PS5 console. The controllers were released on October 29, 2020, before the PS5 came out.

The controllers feature Haptic Feedback to help players feel the in-game environment and actions right in the palm of their hands. Adaptive triggers on the controller had varying levels of force and tension, depending on the game the user plays.

A recent development suggests that Sony may have changed its PS5 haptic feedback system on the DualSense controller. Continue reading to learn more details about this possible upgrade and other information about the DualSense controller and haptic feedback system.

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What Is Haptic Feedback And How Will It Change The Way We Play

Haptic Feedback has become one of those buzzwords that’s becoming synonymous with PS5 – and to some extent the Xbox Series X too. For Xbox One and PS4, there came the chants of 4K and 60fps, and now as we look towards PS5 and Xbox Series X there are much more complicated phrases being bandied about as the next big innovations in gaming tech, such as ray tracing and haptic feedback.

Whereas ray tracing is about upping the visual fidelity and overall look of our games, heightening the realism of textures, shadows, and reflections in particular, haptic feedback is about adding realism to the way games feel. No, not emotionally, but rather getting physical feedback from your controller or other peripherals in a way that’s more nuanced, and realistic, than your traditional vibration or rumble pack.

Dirt 5’s Dualsense Haptic Feedback Update Is Out Now On Ps5 And It’s A Marked Improvement

  • 0

In case you missed it, DIRT 5 has just received a beefy update today, bringing with it some free content for Playgrounds mode, new Trophies to earn, and new courses. For those with some cash to burn, there’s also a premium DLC named the Super Size Pack, which adds a whole bunch of new career events and vehicles. However, the highlight of this update for PlayStation 5 users is undoubtedly the overhauled implementation of the DualSense controller’s unique features haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

We’ve installed the new game update and taken it for a test drive on various different types of terrain. Before this latest patch, the triggers had some decent resistance depending on what was happening to your vehicle, but the haptic feedback was seriously lacking. Regardless of the weather, the surface of the course, what the car was doing you’d always get the same strong rumble. It felt almost as though Codemasters simply hadn’t bothered, and was using a similar rumble solution on PS5 as it was for the PS4 version of DIRT 5.

The adaptive triggers feel more or less the same as they did previously, but they were pretty decent beforehand anyway. Elsewhere, Codies says 3D audio has been given some TLC as well, and hearing the engines roar around you when you’re in the middle of the pack is a great effect.

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How To Modify The Ps5s Haptic Feedback

Its rather straightforward to reduce or eliminate the settings. You could do so simply by turning on your PlayStation 5. Heres how to do it.

  • To access the PS5 start menu, switch on your PS5 and login into your account.
  • Choose the settings located in the upper right corner of the screen from the main screen.
  • Choose Accessories from the configuration menu after pressing X to verify the option.
  • To access the Controllers-specific option, click X.

You can adjust the intensity of the DualSenses movement and haptic feedback in the subsequent option. You can choose from high, moderate, or low settings, or you can fully eliminate the functionality.

You cant test your changes while in the menu bar, regrettably. To test how the new settings react and appear in your DualSense, youll need to start up a game. To check your config files, I strongly recommend utilizing Astros Playroom. The game is available for free download and comes preloaded on the PS5, and it demonstrates all of the DualSenses features.

Does Ps5 Controller Haptic Feedback Work On Ps4

PS5 Games | Haptic Feedback

Planning on using your DualSense controller with your PS4? Want to know if all the features are compatible? Learn about Haptic Feedback here.

Due to its impressive haptic feedback features, critics and fans alike have lauded the PS5 DualSense as one of the best controllers Sony has produced – but does it work on PS4?

After all, the PS4 still has a lot of great games to enjoy, and if you’re don’t want to move your PS4 games over to the PS5 until the SSD upgrade release, using the DualSense may give you the best of both worlds.

Well, let’s get ready to rumble. Or not.

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