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What Playstation 4 Games Are In 4k

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Horizon: Zero Dawn Best Hdr & 4k Ps4 Games

PlayStation 4 Pro Announcement – 4K Part 1 | PS4 Pro

When I first saw the snow in this game and how it reacted to my movements, What a time to be alive, popped into my head. Its incredible that it looks so good, but even more impressive that its dynamic and reacts to the player And thats just the snow

There isnt much else that needs to be said about how gorgeous Horizon is. Not only do the character models look incredible, but the world is immense and vast. Its hard to strike that balance, but Guerrilla Games pulled it off, wonderfully and I cannot wait to see more of this universe.

What Makes A Game A 4k Game

Whether a game is a 4K game or not isn’t an official qualification of any sort. Outside of advertising regulations, there aren’t many laws that make sure games run how they’re supposed to run. This means that there’s a lot of leeway for developers and publishers to market their games however they see fit.

In reality, how this works is that all games that call themselves 4K games or advertise support for 4K in any way will supply a 4K video signal to a monitor or TV. The secret is that if you take a screenshot of a 4K game today on console and compare it with a native 4K screenshot of the game running on PC, there are usually big differences in image quality.

In the modern-day, many different technologies mess with resolution so, often, 4K games aren’t, technically, running at 4K. Theres tech such as PlayStation’s checkerboard rendering or upscaling in general that take an image at a lower resolution, run it through an algorithm, and output the image at a higher resolution. Then there’s dynamic resolution scaling where a game automatically and dynamically adjusts its resolution to maintain a certain level of performance you might occasionally see a true 4K image, but when the action kicks in and the console has to work harder, the resolution will drop.

How To Get The Forbidden Medicine

The Forbidden Medicine is obtained as a legendary random drop when completing Ghost of Tsushima: Legends missions. However, it seems that finishing game modes as the Ronin give an increased chance to drop since the Forbidden Medicine is a Ronin-Only item.

Because it doesnt drop from a specific event, the best way to get the Forbidden Medicine is to play as the Ronin and complete Nightmare difficulty game modes and Tales of Iyo raids for their overall increased chance of legendary drops.

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Uncharted : A Thiefs End Best Hdr & 4k Ps4 Games

Again, Naughty Dog hit it out of the park with Uncharted 4. It tells a thrilling story that concludes one of the finest series of action adventure games of all time.

The Uncharted games have always been known for their beauty, attention to detail, and realistic character models and a Thiefs End pushes that even further. This is the kind of game you might want to show grandma to give a taste of what the best looking video games have to offer.

Ps4 Pro Games List: Every Title Enhanced By Playstation 4 Pro 4k Hdr Improved Framerates

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB 4K Gaming Console with Two DualShock 4 Wireless ...

Simon Sayers / June 20, 2022

Every PS4 Pro Game, Every PS4 Pro Enhancement, Title: 4K, HDR, Improved Framerates Want to know which PS4 Pro games are enhanced by 4K resolution, improved rendering or faster framerates? Check out this games list, that covers all of the currently known enhanced PlayStation 4 Pro games.

Whether its improved native or up-scaled resolutions, higher quality textures, improved framerates or mixture of all of these features, many games when played on PS4 Pro still offer a worthwhile bump in performance and visuals in most cases over the base PS4 version in a way that is still desirable even with PlayStation 5 on the horizon.

In order to run 4K games on your PS4 Pro youre going to need a compatible 4K monitor for PS4 Pro, though some titles will also support HDR, which has also been available on all PlayStation 4 models since firmware update 4.0. Without further ado!

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Every Game With Ps4 Pro Support: Resolution Fps Hdr Enhancements And More

From 4K to 2160p and 1440p resolutions, supersampling, high dynamic range and more – all the PS4 Pro info you need

All the PS4 Pro enhanced games are the best way of making sure you’re playing the games that look – and run – their very best on the top tier PS4 console. At this point most games have PS4 Pro improvements to resolution or framerate, and HDR options, as well as the boost mode choice. But just how much PS4 Pro games are improved depends on a lot of things and resolutions and framerates vary, often with games sacrificing one for the other .

Whatever you’re looking for though, and however you want to play it, this list of PS4 Pro enhanced games will help you find it, and check what it can actually do.

Check out our guide to the best PS4 Pro deals , to help you upgrade to the 4K console for less.

Most titles output a 4K signal, but rarely a full 4K resolution. Instead 1440p and 2160p resolutions are more common which can depends on how intensive the games are visually. That’s why a lot of games, God of War for example, offer a choice between a high frame rate or a high resolution . It all depends on where you want to spend the power the PS4 Pro has available

So, now, here are all the PS4 Pro enhanced games we know of and what they bring with them.

The Last Guardian Best Hdr & 4k Ps4 Games

Whats interesting about this game is the way it looks not many games feature a gigantic bird-dog that acts as your AI companion throughout the adventure. That combined with the contrast in colors are enough to justify the absurd development timemaybe

All jokes aside about how long this game took to make Its still breathtaking. The fur on Trico, the atmosphere, and lighting are all stunning and its worth your time to give this a shot you can probably find a cheap copy for around $20.00 these days.

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Another resolution scaler, and another great way to show off the fidelity of your UHD screen thanks to its HDR features, too. Deus Ex Mankind Divided sits somewhere between 1800p and 2160p, using checkerboard upscaling to dynamically tweak the resolution depending on whats happening on screen.

For the most part, its a wonderful experience, with the stealth-cyborg em up looking gloriously futuristic – particularly in its Blade Runner esque slums where the HDR lighting effects come into full force. However, some stuttering and a recent revert to an adaptive v-sync in an attempt to ease the stuttering mar an otherwise smooth upgrade.

Battlefield 1 Best Hdr & 4k Ps4 Games

Horizon Zero Dawn – Gameplay Trailer | PS4 Pro 4K

One of the key features of this games visuals is the draw distance how far you can see without textures loading in. In a game where long-range combat happens often, improved draw distance is immensely important and it cannot be overstated how great it looks in 4K.

World War II games have never looked this good. The attention to detail will leave you in awe, especially when it comes to the environments and the fluidity of the movements at 60 frames per second.

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Ps4 Pro Games: Stunning Titles That Make The Most Of 4k Hdr

Behold, our collection of the most gorgeous 4K HDR games you can play on PS4 Pro…

The best games to play on a PS4 Pro are the ones that pushing the graphical limits and showcase exactly what your 4K HDR TV was made for. In this article, weve rounded up ten excellent games that do exactly that.

Of course, you can play any PS4 game on a normal PS4 or on a PS4 Pro. But if youve forked out on an expensive PS4 Pro, youll want to be making the most of its extra processing power and output capabilities.

Weve still weighted storyline and gameplay as important factors, in this article, but its mostly all about excellent visuals. Read on to discover our top game tips for PS4 Pro owners

1. GT Sport

GT Sport took years to arrive, but on PS4 Pro its absolutely incredible. Running at 1080p using the extra power of the PS4 Pro and downsampling of its high-resolution textures, it looks beautiful. Theres just no other racer out there at the moment that can rival its visual fidelity. Running at 4K with HDR-enabled, however, it looks just so photorealistic in places its hard not to think youre simply watching a real race. This is a return to form for the series, and your PS4 Pro will make the most of it.

2. God Of War

3. Red Dead Redemption 2

4. WipEout Omega Collection

5. Horizon Zero Dawn

6. Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice

7. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

8. Hitman

9. REZ Infinite

10. Final Fantasy XV

Category: Playstation 4 Pro Enhanced Games

This is a non-diffusing subcategory of Category:PlayStation 4 games.It includes titles that can also be found in the parent category, or in diffusing subcategories of the parent.

Video games in this category are those that have been released or will be released on the PlayStation 4, and have enhancements for the PlayStation 4 Pro an updated version of the PlayStation 4 with support for 4K rendering.

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Ps4 Pro: Game Library

From 2017, every PlayStation 4 game has been Pro-enabled. That means these titles, identifiable by a “PS4 Pro Enhanced” badge on the box, will play in 3840 x 2160 and HDR on 4K TVs and could get smoother frame rates on 1080p sets. Sony has patched several older fan favorites, like The Last of Us, Uncharted 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Shadow of Mordor, and Infamous: First Light to work in 4K too.

While PS5 titles will not look their best on the older console, some will still be available on the PS4 Pro, with a few offering transferrable save games should you decide to upgrade. It’s worth checking which games those are in case you could afford to save money by playing a new release on an older platform.

However in terms of titles, you get the same mix of multi-platform and exclusive games that the PS4 gets. If you’re looking to get into the PlayStation library of games, then the PS4 Pro is an expensive way to go about it, unless you have the hardware to make the most of the 4K enhancements.

Dungeons & Dragons And Everything Else

Sony Playstation 4 PRO 4K HDR 1TB Consola en color negro LATAM

Veterans of FromSoftware will find themselves at home in Elden Ring quickly. The combat fundamentals are as strong as ever. You need to manage your stamina, picking your moment to strike or dodge. Frantically attacking will leave you tired and vulnerable in the path of enemies who hit hard, slicing your health bar to nothing in just a few strikes. You want to make sure you are ready and blocking their attack or not in the path of their weapon at all.

There is a wealth of options for specializing your character, with many weapons and spells to support your play style. You can now even bring summonable monsters to battles, Pokemon style. Underneath all of Elden Rings lore and world design, theres a simple joy to smashing enemies with a big sword underneath all of Elden Ring’s lore and world design.

You’ll stumble into a dungeon with a wild boss fight or a series of joke design choices that lead to laugh-out-loud twists.

Its novelty isn’t endless, though, and in the later areas of Elden Ring, you will find a handful of similar bosses populating the optional dungeons that fill out the world.

This repetition is only notable because the game is so consistently inventive, so happy to surprise and delight. That these brief let-downs even stick out is really a testament to the games overall quality, given we’ve simply come to tolerate them in other games.

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

What exactly is the source of the phantom pain that permeates this game’s multilayered, but incomplete narrative? Snake’s lost forearm? Mother Base’s destruction? Creator Hideo Kojima’s separation from the franchise that he transformed into a AAA display of excellent game design and ingenuity?

Regardless of how you view Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain‘s open-world stealth, army-building, and compelling mysteries, it all adds up to an absorbing experience that will be spoken about for years to come.

Middle Earth: Shadow Of War Best Hdr & 4k Ps4 Games

The Nemesis system, a feature that was introduced with this game, is reason enough to jump in, even if you arent a Lord of the Rings fan. The combat is solid, the XP system is engaging, and that world is just so good looking.

Killing orcs never looked so beautiful. I love how everything in Mordor has a wet and gritty look it sure sets the tone for a fantastic video game. It takes all the great parts of Assassins Creed, the combat from the Batman: Arkham games, and the lore of Lord of the Rings to make up a hefty action RPG.

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Ps4 Pro Games Faq: Quick Questions Answered

Which games look best on PS4 Pro? It’s much easier to find the best PS4 Pro games these days, because many PS4 titles are now optimised for Sony’s higher-end console. Our list of games showcase the PS4 Pro must-haves all of which really offer up the best of what the powerful console and your 4K HDR TV were made for.

Which PS4 games are 4K? Most on this list are, but to give you a quick rundown of our favorites, there’s all the latest Assassin’s Creed games, all the latest Call of Duty games, Detroit: Become Human, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Farcry 5, FIFA 19, God of War, Hitman, Horizon Zero Dawn, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Spider-Man, The Last Guardian, The Last of Us and Unchartered 4: A Thief’s End. Phew. There are some more, but they’re most of the big names.

Can you play PS4 games on PS4 Pro? Yes. It’s just if the game has been optimized for the Pro, you’ll get much better visuals.

Do I need a 4K TV for PS4 Pro? Yes. You just won’t get the 4K TV output. So if you want a new console soon and plan on upgrading your TV soon too, it’s worth it.

Ghost Of Tsushima: Directors Cut

PlayStation 4 Pro Review: The First 4K Games Console?
  • Release Date: August 20, 2021

The PS4’s Ghost of Tsushima hits 60 FPS on the PS5 when played in Resolution Mode, but 4K isn’t possible. However, the Director’s Cut is an entirely different beast. Due to being native to the PS5, GoT: Director’s Cut offers a substantial boost in performance and visuals. The game still comes with two modes:

  • Resolution Mode: 4K and the potential to reach 60 FPS. However, the latter might drop on occasion.
  • Performance Mode: 1800p and a stable 60 FPS.

Both modes are pleasing to the eye, but Resolution Mode does a decent job of maintaining 60 FPS in most situations. The performance might just dip during the campaign’s more hectic moments. If someone owns a 4K TV, they should try Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut‘s Resolution Mode to see for themselves if the performances work for them. If they decide that the extra pixels aren’t worth uneven frames, Performance Mode will always be there.

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Best Hdr & 4k Ps4 Games

4K PS4 games are the best-looking you can get on Sonys system right now. And HDR makes it all so much better with vivid colors. Heres our pick for the top 10 best HDR & 4K PS4 games you can get right now.

4K and HDR arent as ubiquitous as something like standard HD, but as time goes on, we are getting to the point where they are finding their way into more and more consumers homes. With PS4 Pro, a sort of mid-generation console in the PS4 life cycle, 4K and HDR are at the forefront, so its important to look at what those features are and which games use them the best.

Many people in the gaming community understand what 4K is, but to those who arent as in touch, 4K can be described as the next iteration of available pixels on-screen. Just as 1080p once was the standard, now 4K is working to replace it.

Additionally, HDR, or high dynamic range is closely tied with resolution, but with a higher emphasis on capturing greater detail from bright and dark areas, allowing for blacker blacks and brighter areas elsewhere.

Elden Ring: Recent Updates

So far, Elden Ring has seen a few post-launch updates, though thats mostly been related to balancing. Elden Ring update 1.03.2 fixed the endless death loop bug, another made Starscourge Radahn hard to defeat again, while the most recent patch, Elden Ring 1.05, was mostly smaller bug fixes. However, dataminers have uncovered hints about potential DLC plans, discovering an Elden Ring secret colosseum back in March.

Right now, FromSoftware hasnt detailed any plans about post-launch support, but some players have noticed that Elden Rings map has been secretly changing between updates. If youve begun your journey to The Lands Between already and need some help, check out our Elden Ring bosses guide for some fight breakdowns. You can always brush up on more basic Elden Ring tips, Elden Ring weapons, Elden Ring co-op, and Elden Ring classes too.

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