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When Are More Ps5 Coming Out

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Flintlock: The Siege Of Dawn

Sony says more PS5 pre-orders are coming soon

Publisher: KeplerRelease date: Early 2023

An open-world action role-player, Flintlock is being made by Ashen developer A44. Blending up close and personal melee axe play and firearms at range, this third person adventure looked stunning during its gameplay showcase at E3 2022, and we can’t wait to see more between now and its tentative “early 2023” release date. Starring protagonist Nor and her companion, Enki, the pair are said to “embark on an epic journey of vengeance, gunpowder, and magic in humanitys last stand.” Sound good? We think so too.

Ps5 Restock Looks ‘dire’ For April With A Long

Finding PS5 stock may only be harder through April and May 2021, according to the retailers who spoke to TechRadar on the condition of anonymity . They’re not seeing the inventory that hoped for.

Best Buy didn’t have a restock this week, a rare miss after opening up orders every single Friday for the last six weeks. And last Friday at Best Buy was a tell: it only had PS5 Disc consoles in stock, no PS5 Digital Edition. Walmart and Sony Direct have also been silent this week. If it’s becoming harder to find PS5 stock, we suggest grabbing the console when you can for its retail price.

While analysts predict that the semiconductor shortage will be solved by June or July , come Black Friday and Cyber Monday demand will be strong once again.

Longer-term, the fix may come in the form of new spending outside of Taipei and South Korea , and the United States government is pushing for $50 billion in new spending to boost chip production to do just that.

Is The Playstation 5 Available In New Zealand

Technically, yes. Since the beginning of August, PS5 consoles have started to appear back in NZ stores, although you need to be quick to snap one up.

Since the first drop of PlayStation 5s landed in New Zealand way back in November 2020, the few consoles that have made it to our shores have sold out instantly. And the latest batch of consoles has been no exception.

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What Specs Will The Ps5 Pro Have

We don’t actually know anything about the spec sheet for the PS5 Pro, as nothing has been confirmed or announced.

CNET has touted the PS5 Pro may feature an as-yet-unannounced suite of AMD Zen 4 CPUs and RDNA-3 GPUs given the potential time frame for a prospective release date of 2023 or late 2024.

A recent report suggests that an updated version of the Xbox Series X and a PS5 Pro will be coming in 2023/2024, which lines up with our predictions.

This has the potential to line up with AMD’s previous Zen architecture announcements as Zen 2 was announced in early October 2020, with the PS5’s release date being a month later.

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The big question will be if PS5 Pro will be the 8K machine many have hoped for. At the moment, the PS5 does support 8K, however, it is locked behind a firmware update.

One likely reason behind this is that 8K games are not mainstream yet and neither are 8K TVs.

We wonder if the PS5 Pro could launch with this feature already unlocked, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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When Could We Hear An Announcement

When is PS5 coming out? Everything we learned about the PlayStation 5 ...

As with many of the massive announcements, Sony events are typically the best place to be.

While we wouldn’t recommend pinning your hopes on any event this year, it’s worth keeping them on your radar for anything PS5 Pro related.

What will likely be the next big reveal is the PSVR 2 headset, which was recently announced alongside Horizon: Call of the Mountain. In fact, a product page for the PSVR 2 has now gone live and we recently saw the PSVR 2 design revealed too.

At this time, Sony’s next event hasn’t received a date, but we’ll update you when we hear more.

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Where To Buy Ps5

– last PS5 restock on June 2Amazon has said it’s giving priority PS5 access to Prime members through March 31, so expect a restock to happen before the end of the month. Just remember, PS5s should be $499 for the standard version and $399 for the digital edition, so resist buying one from a reseller charging a premium!

John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis & Partners restocks the console very infrequently, usually once every six to eight weeks. Restocks dont tend to last very long, but they do always seem to drop between 7am and 8am in the morning. Restocks have been lasting longer since the retailer started bundling the console with other accessories and games, bumping up the price.

The retailer only appears to get a couple of thousand consoles or less each time new stock comes in, so were not expecting anything big the next time theres a drop of the standalone console. When it happens, we recommend checking out via the app people have seen more success through this method.

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How To Get A Ps5 Right Now

If you dont want to deal with manually tracking stock at retailers or waiting for orders to start back up when small amounts of stock trickle in, you can look for both PS5 models at resellers like eBay and Craigslist.

People are reselling both versions of the PS5 on eBay for well over their standard retail price. In some cases, weve seen the consoles listed at well over $1000. Thats obviously far from ideal, but its an option if youre tired of waiting.

Be careful to read the listing before you buy as weve seen questionable listings. eBay is pretty good at closing them down, but youll still want to exercise caution.

Live Ps5 Stock Checker

7 Games We Need To Finish Before PS5 Comes Out


The standard PS5 with its disc drive costs $499 / £449 / 499.99, while the PS5 Digital Edition is $399 / £359 / 399.99.


The PS5 Digital Edition clocks in at $100 / £110 / 100 more than the Xbox Series S, but has a better spec list as it is essentially identical to the standard PS5, just without a 4K Blu-ray drive.

Various bundles are available, including the DualSense controller, while there’s also a charging dock, headphones, HD camera and a media remote as available PS5 accessories.


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Final Fantasy : Crisis Core Reunion

Publisher: Square EnixRelease date: Winter 2022

Square Enix is developing a remaster of Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core, the beloved Final Fantasy 7 prequel which released for PSP back in 2008. Set to launch later this year, Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion is set to feature updated 3D models, HD graphics, full voiceovers, and new music arrangements.

Ps5 In 202: Expect More Stock Shortages

Bad news for people still banking on PS5 restocks: Sony isnt expecting the hardware shortage to end in the first half of 2022.

Recently, Sony reduced its production target for April 2021 to March 2022 from 16 million to 15 million, and while the projection for the following fiscal year of 22.6 million is obviously better, manufacturing partners are reportedly worried that this is somewhat optimistic.

The most positive estimate comes from AMD, which produces the chipset for the PS5. Back in October, CEO Lisa Su said: I expect it to be from June-September of next year 2022 when, perhaps, it will be possible to go down to a video game store or a department store to buy a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X without it being an impossible task.

The perhaps may be doing some heavy lifting there, as a lot of non-AMD components make up a PS5, but its something to hold on to if youre still on the hunt for hardware in 2022.

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Ps5 Accessory Deals In Australia

Look: it may be a while before you get your hands on a PS5, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare in advance. The best PS5 accessories, including the DualSense controller and HD camera, are really easy to get, though the Pulse 3D headset has been sold out for a while now: watch this space for updates. There are plenty of other quality audio options though over on our PS5 headsets guide. We’ve got the best visual experiences covered too with our best TV for PS5 and best PS5 monitor guides.

Ps5 In 202: Games On The Go

PS5 Myths That Turned Out To Be True

Sony has made no secret about the fact it sees mobile gaming as a big market, with PlayStation boss Jim Ryan previously saying that the companys iconic IP will be coming to mobile at some point.

What form this will take is an open question dedicated mobile ports are possible, but so is streaming via PlayStation Now. But one interesting patent shows how Sony could possibly make gaming on the go more familiar, with a DualShock shaped gaming grip for smartphones.

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Where To Buy A Ps5 In Australia: Keep Checking These Stores For Playstation 5 Stock

PS5 is tough to get, but we’re here to show you where to look.

We’ve just hit August 2022 and it’s still a hassle to buy a PS5 in Australia. After quite a few stock drops throughout April and May, June was unusually quiet when it comes to stock replenishments at the heavy hitters like Amazon, JB Hi-Fi, EB Games and Big W. July was slightly better, but it was still a madly competitive rush whenever stock did show up.

There’s reason to be optimistic though: Sony indicated on August 1 that production will ramp up on PS5s in the lead up to the 2022 holiday season. “Since we are seeing a recovery from the impact of the lockdown in Shanghai and a significant improvement in the supply of components, we are working to bring forward more supply into the year-end holiday selling season,” the company said .

So competition to secure a PS5 will remain high for a while, but hopefully it’ll come a little easier when the Christmas shopping period starts in around October.

Some retailers have been known to provide a few days advance notice of their PS5 stock allocations, whereas outlets like EB Games tend to take pre-orders. That said, those pre-orders dry up pretty quickly too, so if there’s a local bricks-and-mortar store near you, it might be worth joining their waiting list, if they have one.

How Do I Increase My Chances Of Getting A Ps5

Major retailers like Walmart, GameStop, Amazon, Target and Best Buy don’t usually give much notice ahead of a restock. Sometimes they’ll have a restock in the morning, other times in the afternoon and, in some cases, even in the middle of the night. Here are some tips to help you get the jump on the competition.

First tip: Don’t wait until you see an alert for a PS5 inventory drop. Check the links at major retailers for stock updates daily or even multiple times a day. If you do happen upon some PS5 availability, go all-in with as many browsers and devices as possible. On a desktop, for example, open the retailer’s page in Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Then do the same on your phone and tablet. The more devices and browsers, the better. It’s like with lottery tickets: The more you have, the better your chances of winning.

Second tip: Create accounts at the different retailers and make sure you’re already logged in if you’re going to try to get a PS5. Make sure all your shipping, bill and payment info is updated on whatever device you can buy from, whether it’s a laptop, desktop or phone. This makes checking out a lot faster, which is crucial as retailers’ sites get quickly bogged down, leading to people losing their chance of securing a PS5.

Third tip: Keep checking back with this post and follow CNET and Oscar Gonzalez on Twitter for updates.

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The Next Ps5 Restock: What You Need To Know To Finally Score A Playstation 5

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The Sony PlayStation 5 console — and the Xbox Series X, for that matter — are still hard to find, and you can thank the ongoing global chip shortage and increased demand for the PS5 and other electronics.

Luckily, PS5 restocks and Xbox Series X restocks seem to be much more common place — and Walmart has a big one today.

PS5 restock links:

Walmart will be having a PS5 restock as part of its Walmart+ Weekend sale starting today June 2. Walmart suggests the restock will begin at 3 p.m. EDT. It will be limited to paid Walmart+ members only, so make sure to become a member before noon if you’re hoping to secure a PlayStation 5 during the restock.

This members-only approach is becoming more common. often receive priority during PS5 drops. Best Buy gave its Best Buy Totaltech members priority access during its last restock. So, if you want a higher chance of securing a PlayStation 5 console, your best bet these days might be to sign up for one of these services.

Ps5 Ps4 Games Release Dates

15 Upcoming BIG PS5 Exclusives of 2022 And Beyond You NEED To Play

It should be noted that this list contains only games that are set to appear on a PlayStation platform, . This list is split into months, with game releases dated appropriately. Following that is a list of games that are confirmed to be coming to PlayStation, though have no release date, followed by games that could potentially be coming in 2022, and lastly is a list of games that are not confirmed for PlayStation but could be coming to the platform in 2022.

New 2022 PS4, PS5 Games Release Dates In This Guide:

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El Aliado Perfecto De Las Startups

El growth hacking surge de una necesidad de encontrar nuevas formas de crecimiento de un negocio sin realizar grandes inversiones en marketing. Consiste en analizar un producto, detectar las características que son susceptibles de generar un gran crecimiento y hacer una distribución en canales que proporcionen un gran número de leads con un presupuesto bajo y en algunos casos casi nulo, si no fuera por el tiempo empleado.

Así, el perfil del growth hacker se hace imprescindible en el mundo de las startups. Las empresas de nueva creación, sin grandes recursos económicos, tienen la necesidad de un experto que sea capaz de implementar el crecimiento de sus negocios sin dedicar la mayor parte de su presupuesto a esas campañas de marketing.

Ps5 Inventory At Other Retailers

It should obviously go without saying that Amazon, GameStop, and Walmart are not the only retailers that carry the PS5. Theyre definitely among the best places to find a PlayStation 5 console in stock at any time, though.

If youre willing to do some checking on a regular basis, there are other big retailers that restock the PlayStation 5 console all the time.

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How To Get $12 Off A Ps5 With Walmart+

So here’s the deal, you’ve got to pay to access Walmart’s PS5 drop on June 2. In other words, the free trial membership doesn’t qualify you to get access to PlayStation 5 availability. But, here’s another deal, you can actually save $25 on your next purchase of $50 or more when you sign up for the monthly membership. It costs $12.95/ month – but with that extra saving you’re effectively cancelling this out and actually saving around $12 on the PS5.

It’s not been confirmed whether this will work on the PS5, but if you are really desperate to get the console, I’d absolutely say it’s worth the gamble. Worst case scenario is that it doesn’t work on the PS5, but you can still buy a brand new game at $12 off. Not a bad deal overall.

Ps5 Stock: Where To Buy Playstation 5 And When In August 2022

Sony confirms more PS5 stock for retailers âbefore the end of the year ...
  • 0

Which shops have PS5 stock for 2022? Where can you currently buy a new PlayStation 5 console? Demand for the PS5 has exceeded supply, leaving many unable to purchase a next-gen console. Sony has suggested that its working hard on making more units, having secured additional component inventory from some of its key manufacturing partners. However, it’s warned that there’s no quick fix to the current stock situation, due to an overall shortage in semiconductors.

Nevertheless, as part of our PS5 guide, we’re going to explain which stores have PS5s in stock right now, when you can expect new supply to become available, and what times those product pages will go live. Please keep in mind that stores have been quite random with stock availability, although we’re endeavouring to ensure this page is accurate as possible.

As such, if you’re looking to buy a PS5, bookmark this article and check back for updates on when and where you can get one. You can also learn How to Get PS5 Stock Notifications through the link.

Please note that some external links on this page are affiliate links, which means if you click them and make a purchase we may receive a small percentage of the sale. Please read our FTC Disclosure for more information.

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