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When Does Doomfist Come Out On Ps4

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Overwatch Doomfist Now Available In New Update Patch Notes Released

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Doomfist has arrived on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Overwatch‘s next big update is now available, the main component of which is a new character: Doomfist. The long-awaited Offense character is now playable on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Doomfist has been available for the past few weeks on the PC version’s Public Test Realm. Not long after his initial PTR debut, a patch made some changes to the way he works. The range of his Rocket Punch was reduced, while his Ultimate gained a UI indicator to help gauge how effective it will be.

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Aside from introducing Doomfist, today’s patch also makes some adjustments for a number of other characters. Reinhardt’s hammer can now be swung more quickly, while Zarya’s Ultimate receives a buff so that it now disables all movement abilities for those trapped inside. McCree’s Flashbang slows enemies more, Reaper’s Shadow Step sound effect and voiceover can’t be heard from as far away , and D.Va has new sound effects and voice lines for her Defense Matrix. Those include one that will let you know when it absorbs an enemy Ultimate.

For a complete rundown on those new features, check out the full patch notes on Blizzard’s website. You can see some of the key sections below.

Is Genji / Doomfist Harder To Play On Pc

Im switching over to PC from PS4, and Im afraid I wont even be able to play my mains well anymore.

Nothing is harder to play on pc lol

If anything theyre easier to play on PC. Those heroes excel when youre able to do quick and fast 180s and the mouse is way more catered to that kind of movement than a controller is.

How do you play doomfist on console? Good lord.

You gotta be on like max sens.

You probably wont be able to play as well simply because m& kb controls are a lot different from a controller, unless you already have experience with the former. But Genji and Doomfist are much better and smoother on PC.

I briefly went back to console a few months back and I couldnt believe I ever played Genji on it. PC is infinitely better for those two heroes.

you gotta be max sens for every hero lmaoo

Most people play max sens or really high sens on console anyway since the default and anything below 80 pretty much is pretty slow

I hope it doesnt take me forever to get comfortable with mouse and keyboard.

I never gamed on PC before. Ive been a console gamer the entirety of my life.

nah doomfist is probably much easier because rollouts are easier to do as well as aiming with primary fire while doing the standard combo

you gotta be max sens for every hero lmaoo

PC is a lot faster and if you dont have the right gear and skills, you will need a lot of practice

I literally play lucio better on PC than I do PS4 and i have about 1100 more hours on console than PC.

Lucio Who Use Rocket Punch For Boops

Lucio may be best at “booping” opponents off of maps with his Sonic Amplifier, but Doomfist is coming for that title. With his Rocket Punch ability, players can strike quickly to push enemies off of cliffs as they go tumbling to their death.

Knocking people off of maps can be lethal if Doomfist ends up off of the edge too. But thankfully, using his Rising Uppercut and and Seismic Slam abilities, players can get themselves back to safe ground in a pinch.

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Less Dupes In Loot Boxes Too

Its another big day for Overwatch as Doomfist finally joins the live game. Blizzard has an update out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One that introduces the offense hero and tweaks existing characters.

If youve kept up with Overwatch chatter these past few weeks, a good portion of todays patch notes will seem familiar. Notably, Loot Boxes wont give out as many duplicates as before and the highlight system is more robust, allowing you to create your own 12-second clips at the press of a button.

A few other nuggets stood out to me: Blizzard has reduced Reapers Shadow Step sound effect and VO distance by 50%, Zaryas Graviton Surge disables mobility on all affected heroes , and Roadhog is no longer selectable in Limited 1v1 matches. Were free!

Now, if I can just tear myself away from Splatoon 2

Did Doomfist Get Nerfed

Check Out Overwatch

Doomfist also received a nerf, with his uppercut recovery time increasing to half a second up from 0.2 seconds. Because the problem with Doomfist was the fact that you got too much value from right-click. And the most effective way to play the hero was to play as a punchbot.

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Doomfist Is Officially Coming To Overwatch On July 27th For Consoles And Pc

Overwatch’s most recent character, Doomfist, will officially bring his mighty fist to consoles and PCs into the full game next week.

By Ryan Meitzler

After months of anticipation and teases, the melee-focused combatant Doomfist arrived a few weeks ago in the games Public Test Region as the latest character to join the Overwatch roster, and now those looking to take the mantle of Doomfist will be able to do so officially next week.

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that Doomfist will officially be released across consoles and PC on July 27th, 2017, marking the characters exit from the PTR server and out into the wild for all players to try out.

Alongside the reveal of Doomfists arrival in the game, Blizzard also provided a brand new preview video with several of the Overwatch development team members going deeper into the design and creation of Doomfist, and how he fits into the games overall world and lore.

A prominent figure in Overwatchs lore, Doomfist marks a notable difference from many of the characters in the title as his focus, gameplay-wise, is mobility and getting up close and personal against other characters thanks to his powerful fist moves and dashes that can close the distance between him and other characters.

Overwatch is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and Doomfist will make his entry into the game on July 27th, 2017 in the meantime, you can check out the brand new preview video for the character below:

Doomfist Is Now Playable In Overwatch Ps4

The long rumoured hero that was officially announced to be the 25th character to hit Overwatch earlier this month has finally launched on the PlayStation 4. You are now able to download a small patch that will add Doomfist into the game he will not be available in Competitive play for another week to allow users time to get a feel for playing as and against him.

Doomfist comes equipped with many different abilities all revolving around his fists: he can uppercut his enemies into the air, follow up by slamming them to the ground, or just straight up smash them into a wall with his hefty hands. If all else fails then he also has a shotgun built into his knuckles you can check out a trailer for him above.

Are you looking forward to pounding people online with your fists? Are you going to be rekindling your love for Overwatch now there’s a new character? Or have you had enough of Blizzard’s team shooter? Let us know in the comments below.

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The Second Summer Games Event

Aside from Doomfist being added to the roster, Blizzard is also bringing back the “Summer Games” event in “Overwatch” soon. The Summer Games event is the first major event of the online first-person shooter, which featured Olympic themed outfits, lots and even a mini-game called “Lucio Ball.”

Several gaming fans speculated that there would be a new brawl mode for the Summer Games event, replacing Lucio Ball.

Other reports stated that data miners were able to uncover new national flag player icons in the test server files.

Blizzard might also release new weapon skins for each character. Two notable instances that character’s weapon does not match their weapons is Sombra’s SMG being green and Soldier: 76’s pulse rifle is dark with orange accents despite both having default skins.

These suggest that developers are toying with new ideas for the each cast members weapons in “Overwatch,” and it will be addressed very soon.

This Week’s Overwatch News: Doomfist Punches His Way Onto The Ptr

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is NOT coming to PS4 as DLC! Plus other questions answered!

Overwatch is a truly dynamic game, which means theres always something new going on behind the scenes or in the community. Each week, well have a round-up of the latest game news. That might be balance notes, character rumors, esports announcements, or just unmissably funny gifs. Heres what Overwatch fans need to know for the week of July 10.

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Overwatch Retail Patch Notes

Seasonal Event: Halloween Terror 2021

  • Overwatch Halloween Terror returns!

  • During this spine-chilling in-game event, expand your collection withspooky new cosmetics and experience our limited-time PvE brawl in thechilling tale of Junkenstein’s Revenge. Face the terror of sixJunkensteins Revenge Challenges, diabolical twists on Dr.Junkensteins sordid plans. Plus, overcome weekly challenges byplaying Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade to earn a series ofunique rewards! Throughout the event, unlock new seasonalitemsincluding legendary skins like Draugr Reinhardt, Satyr Lucio,and Vampire Hunter Brigitteto add to our growing collection fromprevious years.

Competitive Team Deathmatch

Season 4 of Competitive Team Deathmatch has begun!

General Updates

  • Tuned reverb to address feedback regarding clarity in certain interior locations

Hero Updates

New Hero Setting Guardian Angel Target Priority

Facing Target Only”

  • Guardian Angel will only ever fly to the ally you are aiming at.

“Prefer Beam Target”

  • Guardian Angel will fly to your beam target if you have one, if not it will attempt to use the ally you are aiming at.

“Prefer Facing target”

  • Guardian Angel will fly to the ally you are aiming at. If there is not one, it will attempt to use your beam target.

Behavior change

  • Holding down the button for Guardian Angel while using “Toggle Guardian Angel: On”, will now activate once a valid target is found.

Bug Fixes


Lijiang Tower








Overwatch’s New Hero Doomfist Will Be Playable On July 27

  • The creation of Doomfist was prompted by fan feedback
  • He was just a character mentioned in Overwatch’s reveal cinematic
  • His design is inspired by fighting games

The latest addition to the Overwatch roster of heroes, Doomfist will be playable for all from July 27. While you can play as Doomfist in Blizzard‘s PTR on PC, he’s not available for the PS4 or Xbox One just yet. This will change on July 27.

Overwatch developer Blizzard announced this news in a video that showcased the thought process behind Doomfist’s creation. It seems that he wasn’t intended to be a new hero, receiving a passing mention in the game’s reveal cinematic. However fan feedback prompted the studio to get to work to make him a reality.

In terms of design, Doomfist was inspired by classic 2D fighting games and his aesthetic has been chosen to portray power with liberal uses of red and gold.

As for the game’s lore, Doomfist was defeated by an Overwatch strike team consisting of Winston, Tracer, and Genji and has been biding his time in prison until now. His arrival in the game should result in some interesting conversations with other characters like Reaper and Widowmaker – both of whom belong to the same organisation as him – Talon. Though he isn’t voiced by actor Terry Crews, as some would have liked following Crews’ lobbying for the role.

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Overwatch: The Story Behind King’s Row ‘uprising’

Overwatch hero Genji is now playable in the Heroes of the Storm 2.0 beta, a part of the big new update.

There are now four Overwatch characters in Heroes of the Storm, with Tracer, Lucio, and Zarya added at earlier dates.

A reimagined version of the Hanamura map has also been unveiled for Battlegrounds, and is a big part of the Heroes of the Storm 2.0 update.

A breakdown of Genjis Heroes of the Storm abilities can be found below:

SHURIKEN: Throw 3 Shuriken in a spread pattern, each dealing 65 damage to the first enemy hit. Stores up to 3 charges. Shuriken’s cooldown replenishes all charges at the same time.

DEFLECT: Become Protected for 1.25 seconds. Any damage blocked during this period causes Genji to throw a Kunai toward the nearest enemy, prioritizing Heroes and dealing 55 damage. Damage Deflected: 0.

SWIFT STRIKE: Dash forward, dealing 215 damage to all enemies in a line. Enemy Heroes that die within 2 seconds of being hit with Swift Strike causes the cooldown and mana cost to be refunded.

Overwatch: Doomfist Release Date Announced

Overwatch news: Orisa Overwatch release date CONFIRMED ...

July 18, 2017 by Jasmine Henry

Blizzard confirms the Doomfist release date in a new Overwatch video. The developer revealed Doomfist earlier this month following months of teasing, unveiling the characters mobile abilities and his penchant for punching things.

Doomfist has also drawn comparisons to Beyonce, as Overwatch fans quickly voice their appreciation for the character and the inspiration behind him.

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Overwatch Doomfist Release Live: Ps4 Xbox One And Pc Can Now Enjoy Blizzard’s Big Update

DOOMFIST, the new character for Overwatch is now LIVE on PS4, Xbox One and PC following the release a huge new update for the game.


Overwatch fans can now play as Doomfist on PS4, Xbox One and PC outside of the games Public Test Realm.

The Overwatch Doomfist update appears to be live on consoles, complete with a brand new game patch, with some reports indicating that the Doomfist update also includes Blizzard’s brand new highlights system.

Full patch notes will follow shortly, although you can check out the launch trailer below.


Assuming Overwatch stick to their usual schedule of updating the game at around 6/7PM GMT, then we’ve not long left until Blizzard finally drops Doomfist.

Especially since, well, if it was 6PM it would be here by now!

While we wait, here’s just a quick reminder that you won’t be able to play as Doomfist in the game’s competitive play mode until one week after the launch for Overwatch’s 25th hero.

So, that gives everyone a good few days to get to grips with the new character before the real hard work for players begins.

It also means it shouldn’t ruin the competitive experience of the game until people have become properly accustomed to the Talon’s villainous character.

Stay tuned for more details the second Doomfist arrives in the game


Still, with such a massive character there’s plenty to be discussed in the meantime.


More Overwatch News And Updates

For more on Overwatch, check out the rest of what Mic has to offer. Here is an intro to the cute, new âWholesome Overwatchâ subreddit, a look at some gorgeous Overwatch-themed PS4 and Xbox One controllers, a cool Easter Egg in the new Horizon Lunar Colony map and a criticism of Blizzardâs failures in its design of Symmetra.

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Pair Meteor Strike With Graviton Surge

Proving that he truly is the king of combos, Doomfist’s ultimate ability Meteor Strike can rack up the kills when paired with Zarya‘s ultimate ability Graviton Surge. The epicenter of Meteor Strike deals more damage than the edges, making something like Graviton Surge ideal for getting eliminations.

Abilities like Reinhardt’s ultimate Earthshatter or Mei’s ultimate Blizzard also work well with Meteor Strike, but Graviton Surge is best for the way that it pulls people in to one specific spot.

Snipers And Doomfist Are Like Magnets To Metal

PS4 Update 8.00 – Cannot Start the PS4 – Safe Mode Loop FIX (EASY METHOD)

Doomfist is also incredibly vulnerable to snipers like Widowmaker. Because of his large hitbox, snipers don’t have to work hard to get headshots on the newest Overwatch hero.

Thankfully, his abilities can keep him mobile and make it far more difficult for snipers to do what they do best. However, when Doomfist is stationary, it’s all over.

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Use Meteor Strike To Get Out Of Dodge

In a tricky spot? Meteor Strike can also be used to get out of tricky situations quickly. Doomfist gets five seconds to choose to move across the map, including moving vertically if he so chooses.

Likewise, players can make it into a firefight just as fast. It may not be a waste of an ultimate if it helps Doomfist to get into the middle of a battle and help the team secure a point in overtime.

Overwatch Doomfist Release Date Predictions For Ps4 And Xbox One Consoles

Right now, Overwatch players are putting Doomfist through his paces on the public test realm, seeing how he interacts with other characters, discovering new bugs, etc. Typically, this process takes about two or three weeks. Doomfist debuted on the PTR on Thursday, July 6, so players should expect him to take a bit more time there before heâs ready for the big leagues.

For its first few hero releases, Blizzard transitioned them from the PTR to live servers without any warning after one week. But for its most recent hero, Orisa, Blizzard actually announced her release date several days ahead of time with a short video.

In all likelihood, Blizzard will do the same with Doomfist, forecasting his release date about a week beforehand. At the very latest, Doomfist should come out in the last week of July to keep up with its one-update-per-month schedule.

Weâll keep you in the loop as more concrete information becomes available.

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