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How To Backup Ps4 Data

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How To Recover Data From Ps4 Hard Drive In Different Ways

PS4 How to Backup Save Data in Under 2 Minutes

PS4 is a world-famous video game console developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The PlayStation series wins the heart of a large number of gamers. According to users feedback, I find many of the PS4 gamers are in face of the same problem: lose data suddenly and need a solution for PS4 data recovery. Now, Ill introduce different ways to recover data from PS4 hard drive, including using MiniTool Software.

To be specific, PS4 stands for PlayStation 4, which is the eighth generation of home video game console designed by Sony Corporation. PS4 attracts a large number of home game lovers since its first release in February 2013. All in all, the PlayStation 4 was announced to critical acclaim.

Why Should You Backup Ps4 Data To The Cloud

Now, we are in a digital age and the loss of data can be catastrophic. The same goes for game data. Nowadays, more and more PS4 users realize the importance of backing up their games data and want to know how to backup PS4 data to the cloud.

The most common reason for backing up PS4 data is to ensure that saved games will not be lost if the console is damaged. Another important reason is to transfer saved data from one console to another. Generally, PlayStation 4 allows users to back up their game data to System Storage, Online Storage, or USB Storage Device.

However, in view of safety and storage space, most users choose to backup data to the PlayStation Plus Online Storage. After then, no matter you experience a hardware failure or want to transfer progress between systems, you can safely store your data in the cloud and restore it easily whenever you need it.

Bonus Tip: Backup Ps4 Data To Other Clouds Without Playstation Plus

As mentioned above, to use the online storage feature, you must be a PlayStation Plus subscriber. If you are not a PlayStation Plus subscriber and need to backup PS4 data to cloud for preservation or data migration between two devices, you can backup PS4 data to other clouds instead.

If you have no idea about other clouds, you are recommended to use CBackup, which is a professional PC cloud backup service for Windows PCs. CBackup lets you back up data to its cloud server – CBackup Cloud easily and safely. Meanwhile, it also provides huge storage space, which is totally enough for data storage or migration. Follow the steps below to backup PS4 data to CBackup Cloud.


Uninstall PS4 hard drive with a Phillip screwdriver.

Connect the PS4 hard drive to the computer. If youre using a laptop that has only one disk bay, use a USB-to-SATA cable to connect.

Detailed steps of backup PS4 data to AOMEI Cloud:

Step 1. Download and install CBackup PC client on your computer.

Step 2. Open CBackup, create an account, and sign in.

Step 3. After logging in, click the Backup PC to CBackup Cloud button on the Backup section to create your backup task.

Step 4. Select game data on PS4 hard drive. Then, click Start Backup to backup your PS4 game data to CBackup Cloud.

Note: If you wanna set the scheduled backup, click Settings in the lower-left corner of the interface, and set the frequency or specific time you want to automatically backup under the Scheduler tab.

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Restore Backups From A Usb Drive

Were you using a USB drive on your PlayStation 4? Then, you can easily restore the game, app, saved data, screenshot, and video backups you kept stored there as follows:

  • Make sure your USB drive is connected to your PS4 and recognized.
  • Select Settings and then System.
  • Choose Restore PS4.
  • Check the available backup files and choose the one you want to use for restoring your PS4.
  • Select Yes to acknowledge you understand that all of your existing data on your PlayStation 4 will be replaced with that of the chosen backup file.
  • Soon youll have your precious data back.

    Ps4 Lost Save Data Ps4

    PS4 Backup Data

    Since the internal storage of PS4 is limited and the demands for online & offline games are increasing, many people choose to add an external hard drive to PS4. However, users reported the PS4 save data missing issue now and then their data were lost from both the internal storage and the external hard drive.

    In fact, a series of reasons including accidental deletion, power failure, and connectivity loss could all lead to the PS4 hard drive data loss. Considering this, I decided to teach you the commonly used ways to recover data from PS4 hard drive in different situations.

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    How To Set Your Ps4 To Upload Your Data Automatically

    Your PS4 can be configured to upload relevant game data to online storage on its own when its on Rest Mode. To enter Rest Mode, you need to press and hold the Home button button in the middle of the controller. Then, go to the Power button icon and select Enter Rest Mode. Youll know that the console is on Rest Mode as the front LED light turns to orange instead of white.

    In order for your PS4 to maintain internet connection on Rest Mode and thus, upload game data to the cloud, make sure that the Stay Connected to the Internet option under Power Save settings is enabled.

    How Do You Increase Storage On Ps4

    The easiest way to increase the storage of your PS4, whether it be the original model, 2016 refresh or a PS4 Pro, is to add a USB 3.0 hard drive to your setup. Any USB 3.0 drive will do the job and the PS4 supports drives up to 8TB in size. We chose a dedicated PS4 edition of the Seagate Game Drive with 4TB of space.

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    Backup Ps4 Save Data Automatically To The Cloud

    To automatically back up your saved data to the cloud, you must subscribe to PlayStation Plus. You can then accomplish it via the PlayStation Store or the PlayStation Plus icon on the PlayStation 4 Home screen. The service costs $59.99 per year or $9.99 per month in the United States. Additionally, a subscription includes two free games every month and online play.

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    If you have a PS Plus subscription already, cloud saves are almost certainly enabled. You can store your files or data up to 100 GB.

    However, you can upload saved data automatically only from your primary console. If you only own one PS4, you are not affected by this. If you play on numerous consoles, you can designate one as your primary PS4 via Settings > Account Management > Activate as Your Primary PS4.

    Following that, ensure that your console remains connected to the internet when in Rest Mode. It ensures that the console can begin uploading immediately once youve completed playing. To enable this, navigate to Settings > Power Save Settings > Configure Rest Mode Functions > Maintain Internet Connection.

    How To Backup Ps4 Data To The Cloud

    PS4 Backup and Restore using a USB Hard Drive (Transferring Save Games, Applications and More)

    Save those crucial hours of gameplay

    In our almost all-digital world, the loss of data can be devastating, especially if that data happens to be a Skyrim save youve sunk hundreds of hours into. The good news is that cloud storage makes it possible to back your data up for any reason, whether you are wiping your consoleor because you know if you have to start over, youre going to play a stealth archer and it will all be over.

    The process to backup PS4 data to the cloud is simple. You only need a PlayStation Plus subscription to access PlayStations cloud storage options. You can get a single month for as little as $10 per month, but the more cost-effective option is to invest for a year at a time, or roughly $60 per year.

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    How To Backup Ps4 Games To Other Clouds

    You can backup PS4 game data to the Cloud, yet the cloud has limited storage capacity. In general, one has 10GB storage to store all data. Think about it, increasing games and automatically back up to the cloud. How long does it take before it says the cloud it out of space? As a result, to free up the online cloud storage space, it is recommended to backup PS4 data to other clouds like Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. In addition, to backup PS4 to both its online cloud and other clouds, keep multiple copies of your important data. Why not?

    AOMEI Backupper Professional helps you backup PS4 to cloud storage as well as save PS4 games to hard drive for PS4 hard drive upgrading. Except for backup to cloud storage, this software supports to backup data to NAS and network shared as well. its free trial and have a try.

    How To Upload Your Ps4 Game Data To Online Storage

    Estimate Cost :0

    If you want to start using cloud storage, follow these easy steps:

  • Select Settings.

    Go to the Home screen and scroll to the right until you highlight Settings.

  • Select Application Saved Data Management.

    Highlight and select Application Saved Data Management option.

  • Select Saved Data in System Storage.

    This will give you access to the storage where the saved data is located.

  • Select Upload to Online Storage.

    The upload will then begin.

  • Upload your game data.

    Go to the game that you want to save and hit Upload button at the bottom right.

  • Tools
    • PlayStation

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    Can You Get Data From A Dead Ps4

    If you have a copy and save your PS4 files to USB device or some other storage drive as the backup, then you can get back the lost data from there without any hassle. Two Prerequisites For This Way: If youve turned on the option Sync with PlayStation Network. Youve copied a game file to USB device.

    How To Upload Save Data To The Cloud From The Main Menu

    How To Convert/Backup PS4 Disc Based Games Into Fake Package Files ...

    If you dont want to enable automatic uploads but you want to backup data to the cloud for a one-time event, theres an easy way.

    First, select the game in the main menu that you want to upload. When you find it, press the Options button on your controller. A menu will pop in from the right side of the screen. The first option is to Upload/Download Saved Data.

    Press X. You will be taken to a new screen where you will see all of the data currently in online storage. You can also see all of the available data stored on your system. At the top, you have two options: Upload All, which takes all of your saved games on your system memory and uploads to the cloud, or Select and Upload which allows you to choose individual saved files to upload.

    The second setting is the best one to choose if you have multiple saved files and only want to back up the most recent. However, if you dont use cloud storage often and you want the quick and easy version, just choose Upload All.

    If you choose to automatically upload your data to the cloud, it may take several hours before its all available, depending on the speed of your Internet connection. Keep in mind that first-generation PlayStation 4s are notorious for poor Wi-Fi cards, so if you want to upload your information quickly, use an Ethernet cable.

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    How To Backup And Restore Your Ps4s Data

    As you know the security of your PS4 data is critical, you must back it up regularly to avoid losing it. What you have to need to do is as follows.

    It is critical to back up your PS4 data. Whether youre in search to sell your current system but keep your progress, transfer your data to another console, or prepare for hard drive failures, you should keep your PS4 data backed up and available for restoration at any time.

    Lets take a look at How to Back Up and Restore Your PS4s Data?

    What Do I Do When My Ps4 Is In Safe Mode

    Just go on with these simple steps:1) If your PS4 system is on, please turn it off: press the Power button on the front panel of your console.4) Press the PS button on your controller.1) Restart PS4.This option allows you to get your PS4 out of Safe Mode, and reboot your PS4 system normally.2) Change Resolution.

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    Upload Ps4 Data To Online Storage This Is The Easiest Way To Backup To The Cloud

    How do I save my PS4 data to the cloud?

    PS4 saves its data to the cloud automatically, so you dont need to do anything.

    Does PS4 automatically save data to cloud?

    Yes, PlayStation 4 saves data to the cloud automatically. This means that your saved games, trophies, and other data is always available on your PlayStation 4 system or on a compatible device.

    How do I back up everything on my PS4?

    There are a few different ways to backup your PS4. You can use the built-in backup and restore feature, or you can use a third-party software like Backblaze. Another option is to create a system image, which will save all of your data and settings onto a disk image.

    How do I transfer saved data from PS4?

    There are a few ways to transfer saved data from PS4. One way is to use the PlayStation Network online service. Another way is to use a USB storage device and copy your data to it.

    How do I save data to the cloud?

    There are a few ways to save data to the cloud. The easiest way is to use a service like Dropbox or iCloud. You can also save data to the cloud using a file explorer like FileZilla or Windows Explorer.

    How does PlayStation cloud work?Where is PS4 save data stored?

    PS4 save data is stored on the internal hard drive.

    Can I backup my PS4 to my PC?How do I transfer data from PS4 to PC?

    There are a few ways to transfer data from PS4 to PC. One way is to use a USB cable. Another way is to use the PlayStation Network Transfer Service.

    Can I extend PS4 storage?

    True Examples Showing Users Demands For Ps4 Hard Drive Data Recovery

    How to Backup PS4 Data to USB in One Minute

    According to the investigation, there are many PS4 users wondering how to recover save data on PS4.

    Example 1: Please please help – deleted game on PS4, can I recover?

    I dropped my controller on the continue game screen and it literally hit the square and then X button in succession and my game was instantly gone. I was over level 50, day 49, 0 deaths and over 50 hours into the game and loving it. Please help me recover the data if at all humanly possible, it was an online server as well. I put so much work into my base and surviving without any deaths for that long. Please help!!! Game name was New Eden. PS profile is the same as my username here. I’m heartbroken about it, for real. P.S. I see the tutorials for corrupted data but not deleted. The online storage is also gone because I accidentally overwrote it creating another game of the same name trying to fix this. Helllpppp…- asked Skaithe_Zero

    Example 2: Fuming!! My PS4 deleted all my partitions on my external Hd, please help me to recover them..

    Example 3: Broken PS4, retrieve data on new Pro?

    Hello everyone I have ps4 but didnt work and I want to replace to PS4pro the problem I have a lot of data in my PS4 and 2Tb games in external hard drive so Im asking if theres anything that I can do.- found on PlayStation help forums

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    Ps: How To Upload Your Ps4 Saves To The Cloud

    Here’s how to get all of your saves ready for PS5

    If you’re getting a PS5 today , you should know that all of your saves aren’t going to magically appear as they should, so you’ll need to manually upload your saved data from your PS4 to the cloud.

    This is how to upload your PS4 saves to the cloud so you can seamlessly pick up where you left off on your shiny new PS5.

    Back Up Your Ps4’s Saved Data Hassle Free

    There you have itâyou can now back up your PS4’s saved data!

    As this should only take a few minutes to do each time, you should regularly back up your saved data in case of any problems. While a USB stick is great for this purpose, you should consider adding an external hard drive to your PS4 if you want to both back up and expand your PS4’s storage.

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    Recover Your Ps4 Files Using Data Recovery Software

    Sonys PS4 can use two different types of formats for similar purposes.

    • The PS4s internal storage is formatted using a proprietary and encrypted file system.
    • If you use an external USB drive to extend your PlayStation 4s available storage, you can use *two** types of format: the same proprietary and encrypted file system as the internal drive, or exFAT.

    When using exFAT on a storage device, the PlayStation 4 cant use it as a true extension of its internal drive. This means that you cant install games or apps on it unless you reformat it with PS4s proprietary External Storage format. However, you can use it to store backups or keep media files to have them accessible on both your console and a PC.

    Theres no point in connecting an external USB drive formatted on your PS4 using Sonys proprietary and encrypted format to your PC. It will appear as RAW. Your computer wont know how to handle Sonys format. You can only format it as if it were a new drive to reuse it on your PC.

    Any attempt at recovering data stored on an encrypted PS4 drive can only be performed through the options available when its directly connected to your PlayStation 4.

    If, though, you were using the exFAT format for file storage, your external USB drive will be recognizable on your PC. In that scenario, you can use a data recovery application to recover the data you had stored on it.

    To do that using one of our favorite apps, Disk Drill, do the following:

  • Connect your drive to your PC.
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