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How To Remove Ps4 Pro Cover

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What Tools Can Help You Clean Your Ps4

PS4 Pro Top Cover Removal…Without Breaking It!

If you want to thoroughly clean your PS4, here are some of the tools that are needed:

  • TR9 Torx security bit screwdriver. This screwdriver is needed since PS4 uses T9 security screws.
  • Standard Phillips-head screwdriver. Some of the screws in PS4 require this screwdriver to remove them. If you have a smaller screwdriver, it can also do the job.
  • Utility knife or any sharp object. This can help to peel off the warranty stickers attached to the screws.
  • Can of compressed air or canned air. This is an ideal tool to blow out the dirt and dust.
  • Cotton swabs or cotton balls. This can be used to remove stubborn dirt that a can of compressed air cant get rid of.
  • A clean towel or microfiber cloth. This is what youll use to wipe dust off your PS4s exterior. It can also be used as a safe place to put your screws.
  • A brush or a toothbrush. You can use it to brush off the dust and dirt on the edges and the air intakes.
  • Tweezer. This can be used to remove clumps of dirt from the blades of the fan.
  • Flashlight. It can help check the corners for hidden dust or dirt.

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How To Remove And Replace Ps5 Console Covers

Find out how to change your PlayStation®5 console cover.

How to remove and replace the top PS5 console cover

The top PS5 console cover has a PlayStation Logo.

  • Turn off your PS5 console. Remove all cables and devices from your PS5 console. Wait a while for your PS5 console to cool down.
  • Place your PS5 console on a flat surface with a protective covering and remove the base.
  • Position your PS5 console so that the PS logo is facing up and the power button is facing away from you.
  • Grip the bottom left corner of the cover and remove it by slightly pulling up and to your right. The cover lifts away.
  • Attach the new top cover by sliding it on from right to left. You’ll hear a click when the cover is secured.
  • Connect the AC power cord, cables and base, and then turn on the power. Or, to attach a new bottom cover, follow the steps below.
  • How to remove and replace the bottom PS5 console cover

    The bottom PS5 console cover doesn’t have a PlayStation Logo.

  • Turn off your PS5 console. Then remove all cables and devices from your PS5 console. Wait a while for your PS5 console to cool down.
  • Place your PS5 console on a flat surface with a protective covering and remove the base.
  • Position your PS5 console so that the PS logo is facing down and the power button is facing towards you.
  • Grip the top left corner of the cover and remove it by slightly pulling up and to your right. The cover lifts away.
  • Connect the AC power cord, cables and base, and then turn on the power.
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    Playstation 4 Wiki Guide

    This page contains instrutions for upgrading or replacing the Hard Drive in a Playstation 4 Pro.

    Even though the PS4 Pro comes with a larger 1TB hard drive compared to the basic 500GB model, sometimes that still may not be enough. Much like the base model, it is very easy to upgrade or replace your PS4 Pro hard drive. Replacing the Hard Drive takes these six simple steps:

  • Find and Remove the Plastic Hard Drive Cover
  • Remove the Hard Drive Dock From Your PS4 Pro
  • Remove the Old Hard Drive From the Dock
  • Insert the New Hard Drive into the Dock
  • Return the Dock to the PS4 Pro and Replace the Plastic Cover
  • Install the PS4 Pro Firmware to your new Hard Drive
  • Once you complete the steps above your new hard drive will be ready for your plethora of games!

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    How To Open/disassemble A Ps4

    Can you sell a broken PS4 to GameStop?

    Yes, you can sell a broken PS4 to GameStop. However, the console will need to be functional in order for GameStop to accept it as a trade-in.

    How much does a PS4 cleaning cost?

    A PS4 cleaning typically costs around $25-$50, depending on the level of cleaning needed.

    Which PS4 do I have?

    There are a few ways to determine which PS4 you have. The easiest way is to look at the model number on the back of the system. The model number will start with CUH-xxxx. If your system doesnt start with CUH-xxxx, then you have an earlier model of the PS4 and should check out this article for more information.

    Why is my PS4 so loud after cleaning?

    There are a few potential reasons why your PS4 might be louder after cleaning. One possibility is that you may have missed a spot while cleaning and some dust or dirt is now getting in the way of the fan. Another possibility is that you may have used a stronger solvent than necessary while cleaning, which could have damaged the fan. Finally, its also possible that theres something else wrong with the console thats causing it to run louder than normal.

    Can I vacuum my PS4?

    Yes, you can vacuum your PS4. However, you should avoid getting the dustbin wet and make sure to unplug the vacuum cleaner before cleaning the console.

    How can I clean my PS4 without taking it apart?How do you open a PS4 without a Torx screwdriver?Can GameStop clean my PS4?What is a T10 screwdriver?What size are PS4 pro screws?

    How To Open Ps4 Slim

    Grunge Skin For Sony PS4 Pro Console

    If you have a PS4 Slim at home , I would like to inform you that the procedure to be implemented to open this version of the Sony home console has some variations compared to that of the PS4 Fat. To have a visual reference and follow each step in detail, I recommend watching a video tutorial on YouTube, such as that of TronicsFix .

    In this case, the first thing you need to do is turn the console over and remove the adhesive covering the screw, to be extracted later with a T8 / T9 screwdriver . Then remove the plastic placed next to the adhesive covering the hard disk screw, pushing it outwards. Once this is done, you will need to remove the rear shell , applying a little force on the edges and sliding it gently.

    Once you have removed the case, you will notice the presence of a metal plate covering the motherboard, and the optical reader of the console. To gain access to the motherboard, you will need to disconnect the Wi-Fi cable using pliers, and then disconnect each cable connected to the motherboard, always taking care not to make sudden maneuvers.

    Next, flip the console over to remove the front cover by prying the edges again to lift it. As you have surely noticed, unlike the PS4 Fat , in this case you will not have to extract any screws as regards the shells, which must be removed completely by hand. Therefore, once the front body is removed, you will find the power supply , the fan and the optical reader below .

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    How To Clean Ps4 Pro And Ps4 Slim

    With the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim models, you dont need to worry about the warranty because you can thoroughly clean it without voiding it. Also, there are no tools required in opening your machine to clean its fan.

    Remove the top cover to easily access the PS4 Pros fan. While removing the cover, you will hear some clicking. Dont worry about things breaking in your PS4 Pro it just means that the clips are coming loose. After that, lift it up and pull it back to completely remove the cover to make the PS4 Pros fan accessible. You can use a soft brush or a toothbrush to clean it. You need to run the brush through the sides, paying attention to every angle so you dont miss a single speck.

    After that, blow the dirt and dust with canned air. After the cleaning, you can now put the top cover back on. Make sure that the front is pointed towards the front. Start at the back since it is the first one to be put on first. Slide the cover on towards the front using your fingers. When you hear a snap, it is now in place.

    How To Clean The Dust From A Noisy Ps: A Step

    Learn how to open your PS4, remove the cover, and clean the PS4s fan and other components to keep it running well.

    If youve had a PlayStation 4 for a while, chances are that it runs a lot louder than it did when you bought it. Like most devices, dust tends to build up over time inside the system.

    To keep your PS4 running at its best, its wise to clean your system every once in a while. To quiet it down and remove all that nasty dust buildup, follow our guide to cleaning your PlayStation 4. Well take you through everything you need to know, including what screwdriver you need to open the PS4 and how to clean the PS4s fan.

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    How To Clean A Playstation Four

    A dirty PS4 can soon become a dysfunctional PS4. With dust and debris getting into the fan, your PlayStation will run loud and become laggy.

    Were here to teach you how to clean your PlayStation. This method is for the original PS4, but we have some tips for the PS4 Pro and Slim, too.

    Well show you how to clean the PS4 fans and the exterior, as well as the controllers. Soon your PS4 will be looking brand new and hopefully running a lot smoother.

    How to Clean a PS4

    Once youve exposed the fan, spray compressed air into the vent while holding the fan in place. Use a cotton swab to clean the blades. Reassemble the PlayStation and wipe the exterior with cleaning wipes. Remove dust with a can of compressed air or your vacuums nozzle attachment. Wipe the PS4 once more with a dry microfibre cloth.

    Use A Can Of Compressed Air

    PS4 Pro Hard Drive Removal HOWTO

    A can of compressed air will be very helpful in the cleaning process. Before using it, bear in mind that you need to take extra precautions with it. You need to hold it upright to lessen the possibility of releasing moisture inside the can. Hold the nozzle at least five to six inches from the part that you want to clean. Then blow the compressed air around areas that you would like to clean. Continue blowing for short bursts and gently go through the remaining surfaces of your console.

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    Why Is My Ps4 So Loud

    Usually, a PS4 will make loud noises if the fan is dirty and dusty.

    Another reason it could be loud is because its overheating, so make sure you keep it in a well-ventilated area.

    A few more reasons could be:

    • Youre playing graphic-intensive games which overrun the PS4.
    • Your hard drive is failing.
    • The cooling fans are running.
    • There are loose screws within the console.
    • The heatsink is damaged.

    Now Your Ps4 Is All Clean

    After walking through the above, you’ve opened and cleaned your PS4 fully. You should notice it running much more quietly than it was before, especially if you’ve had the system for years. While you could clean even deeper into the system, doing so would require some potentially risky operations. It’s better to avoid damaging your system and stick to this basic cleaning.

    For future maintenance, take a brush, some compressed air, or a cotton swab along the outside edges of your system to remove the dust once in a while. This should help prevent dust from building up inside, so you don’t have to go through this process as often.

    Some people have recommended placing plastic bottle caps or similar small objects under the four corners of your console. This lifts it off the below surface and should help with airflow. Aside from this, make sure your PS4 has room to breathe . Paired with the above cleaning process when needed, your PS4 should stay cool and quiet.

    Meanwhile, you can look forward to enjoying PS4 games on PS5 when you get the newer console, thanks to its backward compatibility.

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    How To Backup And Replace Your Playstation 4 Hard Drive

    When the PlayStation 4 launched in 2013 it came with a 500GB hard drive. While there was a time when 500GB seemed like more than we could ever use, the size of games has ballooned exponentially over the years. With popular titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 , , and Grand Theft Auto V weighing in close to or over 100GB, that drive can fill up fast.

    Subsequently, Sony upgraded hard drives giving users the option for a 1TB drive. However, an extensive library of newer triple-A games means this might not suffice for some users . Fortunately with later software updates Sony has allowed the PS4 to support SSDs up to 8GB in size if you have a fat wallet.

    Upgrading your PlayStation 4s hard drive is not that difficult, but some steps should be followed when installing a new drive. Heres a quick step-by-step guide to help users avoid headaches during the process. So grab your PS4, and lets get started.

    Things You Will Need

    Since Sony wanted to make the hard drive in the PS4 easily upgradeable, you wont need any special tools like Torx bits. Heres what you will need:

    • A Phillips screwdriver
    • A thumb drive for the system software
    • A computer with an internet connection
    • A new replacement hard drive/SSD

    Note: If you download from our mirror, be sure you grab the Re-Install download and not the Upgrade. The file will be over 1GB, so you will know. You will also have to rename it to PS4UPDATE.PUP.

    Backing Up

    Selecting a New Drive

    Install The Ps4 Pro Firmware To Your New Hard Drive

    Grunge Skin For Sony PS4 Pro Console

    After physically replacing the hard drive, you will need to install the Playstation OS on it. To do this, head to the Playstation 4 System Updates page.

    At the bottom of the page is a tab labelled Perform a new installation of system software. In this section you will find installation instructions and links to download the base firmware for the PS4 Pro.

    While your update file is downloading, take your USB drive and format it to either FAT32 or ExFAT. Create a folder called PS4, then another called UPDATE nested inside it. After the update finishes downloading, make sure the file is named PS4UPDATE.PUP and place it into the “Update” folder.

    Insert the USB drive into the PS4 Pro, then boot the console in Safe Mode. Do this by holding down the power button until you hear a second beep. Once in the Safe Mode menu, select Initialize PS4 .

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    How To Clean A Ps4 Slim And Pro

    When cleaning a PS4 Slim or Pro, the good news is that you can remove the cover without voiding the warranty. So get inside of the console for a deeper clean!

    When removing the cover for the PS4 Slim and Pro, its much easier. Simply pull on the left and right corners at the front of the console. Then pull at the bottom, slide the cover back, and it will be easy to remove.

    With the PS4 Slim, the fan inside has a cover over it. You can clean it the same way as you would with the original, by blowing condensed air into the vents and wiping the blades with a cotton swab.

    On the PS4 Pro, there isnt a cover over the fan. You will see the fan right away after youve removed the main PS4 cover.

    How To Take Apart And Clean Your Ps4

    If youve noticed your PS4 making a lot of noise when playing games, chances are its in need of a clean. Given that your PS4 likely sits in the same spot for long periods of time, its little wonder that dust and grit accumulate both on top of and inside the console.

    When that dust and grit enter or obscure the PS4s various ventilation or fan ducts, the fans have to work much harder to cool the CPU and GPU. Thus, your console will start to sound like a jet airplane and eventually might even shut off as a safeguard against critical levels of heat build-up.

    Before you go calling up an electronics repair company though, you might find that giving the system a thorough clean will improve its performance markedly. This can all be done by yourself and is relatively straightforward.

    However, its worth noting that cleaning your PS4 thoroughly will require you to remove pieces of the hardware and take the console apart. This may void your warranty, so only attempt this if youve had your console for a while and are no longer under warranty.

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    Can You Get Your Ps4 Professionally Cleaned

    We get it. Cleaning your PS4 is an intimidating and time-consuming task. If you dont have experience cleaning gadgets, you might be worried about breaking your console.

    You can take your PS4 to your local game shop, electronics store, or electronic repair shop to ask whether theyll professionally clean your device for you.

    We Laser Cut Each One Of Our Amazing Ps4 Cases From A Single Beautiful Piece Of Real Wood Veneer So The Perfectly

    PS4 Pro Fan Cleaning and Top Cover Removal (General Maintenance)

    We design and laser cut our covers for an absolutely perfect fit and meticulously finish each one by hand to bring out the unique character in each gorgeous piece of wood. Each case is a stand-out one-of-a-kind! There’s no mistaking the natural beauty, depth, and texture of real wood: Toast covers look, smell, and feel great! We guarantee that you’ll love it every single time you use it, touch it, or even THINK about it. More durable and protective than a printed vinyl skin, Toast covers are sleek, sexy, and warm to the touch.

    Available in walnut, maple, lyptus, and eco-friendly versions of ebony, rosewood, and zebrawood.

    The PS4 / PS4 Pro / PS4 Slim kits include ALL this awesomeness:

    • Multi-panel cover set: top, sides, front

    Our covers are a cinch to apply: peel, stick, show off!

    Bonus points!

    • Matching bottom cover available for the PS4 Slim
    • Looks great from every angle: display it in horizontal AND vertical positions!
    • All the vents are left fully exposed so your gaming console can cool itself as normal. In fact, it will make you a whole lot cooler!

      * Statement pretty much scientifically proven!

    • Fully customizable! Take advantage of our mad laser skillz to engrave something incredible and make your PS4 cover a one of a kind.

    All Toast cases feature:

    • Easy removal without any sticky residue
    • A heck of a lot of style!

    Each real wood Toast cover is made to order and crafted by hand in beautiful Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.We live our values! We donate 1% of sales to eco charities

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