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How Much Is A Ps4 Now

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How Much Is A Used Ps4 Worth

PS4 in 2019 – worth buying? (Review)

February 22, 2021 by Sophie

The PlayStation 4 console was released back in 2013. With 106 million units sold, the PS4 has been a favourite amongst gamers for years and considered by many to be the best console released. Until of course, the PS5.

Speaking of the PS5, if youve set your eyes on owning the white powerful console with a cape, you might be interested in selling off your old PS4 to better be able to afford it. At $500, we could use all the help we can get for a discount. But how much is a used PS4 worth anyway?

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The Best Ps4 Bundles November 2020

The PS5 is now here, and so is Black Friday! This combination should see some retailers looking to get rid of their remaining PS4 stock at some very enticing prices. Take a look at our full comparison above to help you find a great offer on the PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro today!

Never miss a bargain again with, as we compare hundreds of prices daily in order to bring you the very best deals. Check out the full comparison above to see all the best offers out there currently. Heres the lowest price weve spotted for the PS4 thats available today:

Oh The Options Youll Have: 2 Versions Of The Ps5

Over the course of a console life cycle, its not uncommon for the gaming machine to go through several versions. Usually you get a slim version with better cooling and a larger hard drive, but when the PS5 releases, Sony may look into providing two versions of the system to reach a wider audience.

One version of the PS5 will provide all the bells and whistles. Were talking a massive solid state drive that will be up to 2 terabytes in size! Youll also get backwards compatibility and a few other exciting features. Then theres going to be a Core Experience that will offer the basics that casual gamers will need to enjoy the PlayStation experience. If all of this is sounding amazing or crazy be sure to check out our full article on the 2 versions of the PS5.

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How Much Is My Ps4 Worth In Used Condition

So heres the rule of thumb in the gaming console world. Your PS4 will sell for approximately 60% of its retail price.

The average PS4 with a 500GB hard drive, 1 controller, and the cords brand new runs you $299.99.

That means this console will likely sell for about $179 used.

Now PS4s are coming into the shop pretty steadily so they are out there. The problem is if you dont catch it the minute it comes out, somebody usually snatches them up pretty quickly. The best way to keep an eye out for a PS4 at Pocket Pawn is to subscribe to our Pull List!

You can subscribe to that HERE if you havent already!

A Lesson In Economics: How Inflation Will Affect The Ps5 Price

What Sony

From what I recall, I got a decent grade in economics in high school, once I was out of my general education in college, I left math on the side of the road and never looked back. For the sake of you, my dear readers, I will once more tread that narrow path suspended above a black abyss of confusion and uncertainty.

First things first, a quick lesson on inflation for the benefit of myself and anyone else reading this whos last brush with economics was in high school. So, the straight vanilla ice definition of inflation is as follows:

A general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.

Essentially what this means is that inflation occurs when prices go up as a result of high demand and low supply. Take the PlayStation 3 for example. Everybody wanted it, but no one had it in stock. This kind of situation creates inflation over time because manufacturers can charge higher prices for items that are equally high in demand, but low in supply.

The process of inflation also affects how much a single dollar is worth. Of course, a dollar is always a dollar, but the actual value of it changes based on inflation. For example, a dollar today is worth far less than a dollar two decades ago. A dollar from then would be worth over twenty dollars today!

A recent article from IGN discussed the cost of gaming in regards to inflation over the years. Colin Moriarty, the articles author made an excellent point in regards to the price of game consoles:

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What Are The Alternatives To Ps Now

Xbox offers its own cloud gaming platform, Project xCloud as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. You can find out more about it here: xCloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Everything you need to know.

Google also has its own cloud gaming service, Stadia. But unlike PS Now, you don’t get access to a whole library of games for one monthly fee. Instead, you have to pay for each game individually. You can learn more about it here: .

Choose Your Hard Drive

With games getting bigger and better all the time, its never been more important to have enough storage, particularly if youre planning on downloading more of your games. The Pro only comes with 1TB hard drive, which makes your decision for you, but the choice between a 500GB or 1TB Slim console is an important one.

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Playstation Now: Price How It Works And What Games You Can Play

ByContributions fromHeather Waldpublished 28 March 22

PS Now is PlayStation’s subscription service on PS4 and PS5 that gives you access to a generous library of games – with PS2, PS3, and PS4 games available to play via streaming or download. Often regarded as Sony’s answer to Xbox Game Pass, a report from Bloomberg suggests we may soon see a true rival to Microsoft’s model. Said to be known under the code name Spartacus, it could very well combine PS Now and PS Plus into one service – not unlike Game Pass Ultimate.

While we await more news about the supposed changes, we’re here to help you get a handle on everything PS Now offers, including how it works, what it costs, and what you can and can’t do. If you’re thinking about becoming a PS Now subscriber, you’ll find a rundown of the service below.

Where To Buy A Ps4 Console In 2021

PS4 in 2021 – worth it? (Review)

It’s not very easy to find a PS4 for a reasonable price in 2021, and the demand for the now outdated console has skyrocketed.

Although many people have been hunting for the PlayStation 5 since launch last holiday, there’s a somewhat surprising demand for the PlayStation 4, too. Yes, we’re talking about the console that originally launched in 2013. Perhaps the PS5 fever has led some people to dive back a generation into the PS4 instead, or maybe an immediate nostalgia effect is already kicking in for other gamers. Regardless of the exact reason, the fact is that the PS4 is hard to find in stock at major retailers, especially for reasonable prices. Listings on eBay for the PS4 are extremely active, with prices sometimes reaching pretty darn close to the PS5 list price. We’ve put together a guide covering where to buy the PS4 in 2021, including both new and preowned consoles.

If you wind up picking up a PS4, we have multiple roundups that should be of interest, including the best PS4 games, best PS4 headsets, and best PS4 controllers.

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Prices You Can Expect

Note that all the prices weve mentioned are considering that the consoles are in good condition with minimal cosmetic damage. Reduce about 15-20% for a downgrade in condition. However, like we mentioned earlier: consoles that arent working at all can still be sold at stores that will refurbish them later, but dont expect to be paid in three-figures.

  • A PS4 500 GB can be sold for anywhere between $150-190 on eBay and other marketplaces, like Letgo. We recommend that you shouldnt go below $150. However, online buyback stores might offer you only about $80, so that they can keep higher profit margins. If you dont want to go online, try visiting any local pawn shop and quoting $150 for your PS4 500 GB, and they will probably agree without questions.$150 is around the range that people are able to buy refurbished PS4s at Black Friday, so this is a solid number to quote.
  • A PS4 1TB has double the storage of the 500GB but wont be double the price, unfortunately. It will fetch a higher price, however. You can expect to sell your PS4 1TB on eBay and other online marketplaces for $200-$250. Dont accept lower than $200 for a PS4 1TB, since its now less than half the price it was brand new at release price.

The Ps4’s Legacy Lives On

As we’ve seen, there are some situations where it could make sense to buy a PS4 right now. But if you don’t fall into them, it’s smarter to wait for a PS5, get PlayStation exclusives on PC, or get another console instead of paying for an old system.

Buying a modern console, especially once more games arrive for it, is a better investment of your money. It just requires a little patience for now.

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Ps4 Only On Playstation Bundle

Though the PS4 is soon to be replaced by the PS5, its never too late to grab yourself this massively successful console, particularly if youre going to be stuck indoors for some time. This new bundle is excellent value, and contains three exclusive PlayStation titles that go a long way to explaining why the PS4 has been such a runaway success The Last of Us Remastered, Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War.

Ps: Are There Any Upcoming Games

How much is PS4 online? PlayStation Plus vs PlayStation Now

In a word: yes. If youve never owned a PS4 before, then youll have access to a treasure trove of essential titles that will keep you occupied for years to come, but theres a large list of upcoming software on the horizon as well. This scales everything from smaller-scale indie titles, cross-platform multiformat releases, and even major exclusives like Horizon Forbidden West.

For a full rundown of everything coming out, refer to our New PS4 Game Release Dates in 2021 guide. Some highlights, however, include Persona 5 Strikers, NieR Replicant, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Gotham Knights, and Hogwarts Legacy. There will almost certainly be much more announced over the coming year, however, while we anticipate blockbuster brands like Call of Duty and Assassins Creed to continue supporting the PS4s substantial install base for the foreseeable future.

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Second Screen And Remote Play

Smartphones and tablets can interact with the PlayStation 4 as second screen devices, and can also wake the console from sleep mode. A Sony Xperia smartphone, tablet or the PlayStation Vita can be used for streaming gameplay from the console to handheld, allowing supported games to be played remotely from around a household or away from home. Sony has ambitions to make all PS4 games playable on PlayStation Vita. Developers can add Vita-specific controls for use via Remote Play. This feature was later expanded to enable PS4 Remote Play functionality on Microsoft Windows PCs and on Apple OS X Macs. The update, released in April 2016, allows for Remote Play functionality on computers running Windows 8.1, Windows 10, OS X Yosemite, and OS X El Capitan. Remote Play supports resolution options of 360p, 540p, and 720p , frame rate options of 30-60 FPS, and the DualShock 4 can be connected via USB.

The PlayStation App allows iOS and Android mobile devices to interact with the PlayStation 4 from their device. The user can use this application to purchase PS4 games from the console and have them remotely downloaded, watch live streams of other gamers, and/or view in-game maps while playing games.

Where To Buy A Preowned Ps4

While one would think finding a preowned PS4 would be much easier than grabbing a brand-new one, that’s only somewhat the case. In less than 24 hours, GameStop sold out of four different preowned PS4 bundles. If you’re on the hunt for a PS4, we recommend checking GameStop’s stock frequently. It seems like the retailer cycles through availability for certain bundles, so options may change over the course of a week or so. You should also call your local store for availability, as many of GameStop’s PS4 listings are marked as in-store only now.

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Playstation Gaming On Pc

Play some of the biggest and best PlayStation console exclusives like Bloodborne, The Last of Us and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection on Windows PC, alongside hundreds of other games ready to stream on demand.

PlayStationNow subscription only available to account holders of PlayStation Network who are aged 18 and over with access to PlayStation®Store and high-speed internet .

PS Store and PS Now subject to terms of use and country and language restrictions. Service availability is not guaranteed. For PS Now on PC, minimum system requirements apply and can be found at PS Now games may differ from or lack some of the features that can be found in downloaded or disc-based games. Games included in PS Now are subject to change at any time. Approved payment method details required. PS Now subscription is an ongoing subscription with a recurring subscription fee which is charged every month .

But Many Ps4 Games Are Playable Elsewhere

Why you should buy a PS4 in 2021

Thankfully, the PS5 is backward-compatible and thus able to play almost every PS4 title. This means if you own a digital game on PS4 , you can play it on your PS5 while taking advantage of the more powerful hardware.

If you missed out on the PS4, the PlayStation Plus Collection is an even more attractive perk. This benefit, available to all PS Plus subscribers who have a PS5, gives access to several top PS4 games like Persona 5, Resident Evil 7, and Bloodborne at no additional charge.

PlayStation Plus costs $60 per year, making it an additional cost to consider. But if you want to play a lot of these titles, waiting for a PS5 and subscribing to Plus is more cost-effective than getting a PS4 and buying them individually.

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PS4 games run faster on PS5, thanks to its built-in SSD. Just keep in mind that the PS5 comes with a limited 825GB of storage, so those PS4 games will add up quickly. If you need more space on your PS5, you can run PS4 games via an external USB drive or an M.2 SSD, but both of these incur an additional cost.

As it turns out, PlayStation consoles aren’t the only place to play PlayStation titles. A few games that were once exclusive to the PS4, such as Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War, are now available on PC via Steam. Additionally, PlayStation Now is available on PC, allowing you to stream many top PS4 titles to your computer, as long as you have a decent PC and internet connection.

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Is Playstation Now Worth It

With all that out of the way comes the most important question at all: Is it worth it? The answer: Yes. Usually. PlayStation Now doesnt make sense for those playing on the poles of the gaming community. Anyone who plays very few games, like those that just spend time with some sports titles or maybe the annual shooter of their choice dont need to subscribe to a library of hundreds of games. Likewise, those who already rigorously keep up with new releases month after month may discover even a library this big isnt hiding many gems you didnt already find. But for everyone else – and thats a vast majority – PS Now is a great way to play.

PS Now offers so many games from multiple eras of PlayStations history and gives players the option to stream or download games. If PlayStation is where you do most of your gaming and you hope to do a lot of it, assuming youve got a decent or better internet connection, PS Now is worth it.

Stay on top of all of most exciting games coming to Sony’s latest console with our roundup upcoming PS5 games.

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With some of the best console exclusives to its name, and support for the biggest multi-platform hits, whichever version of PS4 you settle on you know you’re getting a powerful machine and a stack of incredible games.

Also, thanks in part to the affordable PlayStation VR, we’re seeing more bundle deals and VR experiences being released than ever before. All in all, 2022 is a great time to get stuck into gaming on Sony’s PlayStation platform, and especially because the PS5 console is causing prices to plummet, both in terms of PS4 hardware and software.

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